There are a lot of flaws with this movie but even with all of that, I find it to be extremely interesting and enjoyable. I also forgot how much I love the score. Considering it’s about a character that everyone has supposedly fallen in love with over his life, this film does a very good job of making us feel for him and wanting to escape his sea town prison.


The Truman Show is so good because the concept is so good and seems so looming. A 24/7 reality show that follows a man from birth without his knowledge. Doesn’t that just seem like it’s probably going to happen in the next 10 years or so? I really think that any problems The Truman Show has as a film makes up for it for being so good in concept.

What’s most interesting is how Truman (Jim Carrey) interacts with everyone around him throughout the movie and how everyone treats him. Though he’s around 30, everyone, from the actors in his universe to the creator of the show, Christof (Ed Harris), to the viewers of the show, treat him like a weird man-child. It’s like the entire world treats him as if they were the parent and he was the child because everyone saw him grow up. Truman starts to get more fed up with this the more he becomes aware of his surroundings, and the fact that everyone sort of just treats him then as a rebellious teenager is pretty interesting.

I just love The Truman Show because it makes you think about so many things while it’s happening. There’s all kinds of comparisons you can make, predictions you can make, wondering how this would play out in real life. It’s a pretty great experience.


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