AIRPLANE! (1980)



This wasn’t my first time seeing Airplane! but I think I liked it more this time than when I first saw it in high school. I sort of feel like Airplane! is what Family Guy tries to be (but fails at 90% of the time).

Airplane!‘s plot sort of gets lost sometimes in all of the gags, but I really feel like it’s okay in this situation. The plot pretty much only acts as a vehicle for the gags to happen anyway. Airplane! just has a unique sense of humor about it, but it’s so simple. If Mitch Hedberg, one of my favorite comics, had made a movie, I think it would be something similar to this.


I saw this movie multiple times as a kid. I always found it extremely entertaining and funny and I still feel that way. It’s fantastic! It is pretty outdated and a lot of the jokes are racist and sexist but I think it’s done in such a good nature it doesn’t really take you out of the movie.

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