I really didn’t know anything about Enough Said before we saw it. I got free advanced screening passes, and because Chris loves James Gandolfini so much, I knew we had to see it, especially since it was one of his last movies.

That’s always pretty sad anyway, but this just seemed particularly sad because I so loved seeing Gandolfini play just a sweet guy, rather than the aggressive giant he usually seems to play. I think this role must have been similar to who he was in real life. I guess that’s why it was particularly sad.

But what was really great about this movie was the dialogue. It’s really natural. I think it’s hard for actors to be convincing when they laugh at another actor’s scripted joke, but all of the joking around and laughing that happens in Enough Said seemed completely real. And I liked that everyone was funny and smart, but not to the point where it was obvious things were scripted, if that makes sense. In other words, it wasn’t like Juno.

I was also really impressed with the fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus carried a starring role so well. Especially considering she had Catherine Keener and Toni Collette play in the same film, but in supporting roles. I never thought Toni Collette playing a side character to Julia Louis-Dreyfus would work, but it really does here. It was also crazy seeing Toby Huss aka Artie The Strongest Man in the World from Pete and Pete play a totally normal guy.

If you can get over the sadness of watching James Gandolfini be great while knowing he’s gone, then Enough Said is definitely worth watching.


This movie was really sad to watch. Most of it was because we know that James Gandolfini is now gone and two because it shows how awful relationships can be, both during and after. The plus side though is that I thought this movie was pretty awesome and at it’s core sweet!! James Gandolfini is fantastic in it, as well as Julia Louis-Dreyfus who does an excellent job as the film’s lead.

To me this movie was a lot like The Kids Are Alright, but way better. Mostly cause you don’t feel like shit after watching this but also because Enough Said does a much better job ending each character’s storyline. Unfortunately this isn’t one of the greatest movies ever, I would want it to be since it’s Gandolfini’s second to last film, but it was extremely enjoyable.

I also really liked the score to this film. It was pretty basic but had hints of Jon Brion.




I went into this movie thinking it was going to be along the lines of an Adam Sandler movie but I ended up kind of enjoying it. Specifically Philip Seymour Hoffman is so funny, every time he’s on screen he made me laugh. Elizabeth and I have different views on Ben Stiller; I find him annoying and kind of a dick (I base that all off of him in movies, soooo I really haven’t looked to into this) but can occasionally be funny, and Elizabeth thinks he’s fine. To me, he was okay in this movie, not as great as he is in Heavyweights or Zoolander but I didn’t find him annoying and to me that was a win! Although I might not have found him annoying cause his character in this was a lot like Elizabeth but I’m sure she will talk about that.

This movie was fun to watch but it’s also a good reminder that Philip Seymour Hoffman is so incredible and I want to see everything that his is in no matter what!


I had seen Along Came Polly in theaters but didn’t remember too much except A.) It made me feel sort of sick and B.) Philip Seymour Hoffman was incredible. So I wanted to watch it again, and it was actually better than I remembered.

While the movie didn’t make me feel sick anymore, I was sort of shocked at how similar I was to Reuben (Ben Stiller) as the movie went on. We’re both nervous people who like safety and work in insurance and have weak stomachs. Luckily, Chris isn’t really like Polly (Jennifer Aniston). While I actually thought their relationship here was pretty sweet, I feel like watching this now as an adult I see how next to impossible a relationship like theirs would be in real life.

But I need to talk about the real star of this movie: Philip Seymour Hoffman as Sandy. While I am happy that Hoffman won the Oscar for Capote, and I thought it was well-deserved . . . wouldn’t it have been sort of amazing if he won at Oscar for Along Came Polly? It sounds absurd, but he’s amazing in it! He constantly made me laugh, and even though he’s playing a big goofy character, he can’t hide what an incredible actor he is. Seeing how intense he was, even in this movie, made me really want to see him on stage or something.

But anyway, Along Came Polly might not seem worth it, but it’s definitely cute and funny. And though Polly sort of seems like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl character, her flaws are pointed out as flaws rather than cute quirks, which was refreshing.

STRIPES (1981)



Stripes was playing at a local theater in honor of Bill Murray’s birthday, so it seemed pretty necessary to go, especially since I had never seen the movie before. I really didn’t know what to expect; all I knew was it was a movie in which Bill Murray joined the army.

I think what I enjoyed the most about Stripes was the fact that it’s view of the army wasn’t the stereotypical movie view: it’s not like they made it seem like being in the army was easy, but it also wasn’t a Full Metal Jacket-esque hell hole, either. They made it almost seem like summer camp. Maybe people in the army wouldn’t feel great about that, but I thought it was pretty funny. But the starts of the movie, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, really carry it. They’re funny and sweet and have a funny and good relationship. I loved Harold Ramis’ character in particular, maybe because I feel like I would have similar views to everything as he. Naturally, Stripes isn’t exactly a feminist movie, but you have to choose your battles with that. It came out in 1981, so for me it gets a pass for a lot of the bullshit. But at least they showed a female character in the army who was actually good at her job, despite being a female, plus she was played by Sean Young, which helps with the you-can-be-feminine-and-be-in-the-armed-services idea.

Stripes is really just good, young Bill Murray action, and definitely fun to watch.


I think this was the third time I have watched this movie in my life but it was enjoyable to see it on the big screen for the first time. We were able to get tickets to a new theater in Round Rock that for $5 a ticket we got to see the movie, got a piece of cake, and a pint glass with a picture of Bill Murray and a memorable quote form the film. Well worth it and the theater was great, except the employees were a little too friendly for me.

I think Stripes is a good funny movie to enjoy. I know people really do love it but I don’t think it ever really struck me as a favorite in any way. I think my favorite experience seeing it was this last time. Maybe since I was older more of the jokes made sense to me? I’m not sure but I’m glad I saw it again cause I have a better memory of it now. That’s not saying that all my other experiences with it were bad, I really would just forget almost everything about the movie. As funny and straight-forward as the plot was, none of it really stuck with me.

The best part of the movie to me is easily Bill Murray and John Candy but I don’t think I ever realized how funny Harold Ramis is!




The title of this movie is I Don’t Know How She DOES It. I can give you answer before you even watch it, she DOESN’T!!! She’s a terrible mother cause she’s never there, she’s at work, but at work she’s a complete mess. I mean we really don’t see her actually work at all. She lives in Boston, I think, and at one part of the movie she has to fly to New York to work with the New York office of her company. So she’s there to work but what actually happens is that she begins to fall in love with Pierce Brosnan, even though she’s married to Greg Kinnear. Kinnear is the only charchter in this movie who is not a stereotype and seems like a cool guy. So her falling in love with Pierce Brosnan makes no sense but it really dosen’t matter cause everything about this movie is terrible and sad.

Since there is so much wrong with this movie I’m only going to talk about the worst sequence of it. So there is one part of the movie, pretty close to the beginning, where Sarah Jessica Parker comes home and her and her husband decide to have sex. While he gets “ready”, not sure what he’s doing exactly, she falls asleep, so he gets in bed, then it’s 4:00 (AM? PM?), then it shows her walking into her kids room to check on him, then she’s sitting in bed unable to fall asleep cause she has so much to do, all stuff she never actually does cause she can’t do anything, and then she falls asleep. I have absolutly no idea what time of day any of that happened, was there a whole day in between her falling asleep before sex and sitting in bed not being able to fall asleep?

This movie is bad and it’s worth watching. It also feels like it came out in the early ’90s; weird that it was within the last few years.


SPOILER ALERT: She doesn’t do it. That’s why you don’t know how she does it. What is “it” in this context? Anything. Let me explain: Sarah Jessica Parker plays Kate, a mother of two youngish kids with some kind of career that I can’t remember. The whole point of the movie is supposedly to show a capable, modern woman who is able to balance being a working mother. Except Kate sucks at being a mom, sucks at being a wife, and sucks at being an employee. The above picture shows Kate trying to get something together for her daughter’s bake sale. But because she’s a bustling career lady, she didn’t have time to bake a pie, and the bodega near her mansion didn’t have baking supplies, so instead she bought a pie pan and a pie and tried to make it look homemade. I have two issues with this: A.) She didn’t have a fucking pie pan? You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to have a pie pan. Come on. B.) If my experience as an aunt of a young niece and a friend to parents of young children has taught me anything, it’s that schools (especially fancy schools like that) don’t allow homemade food to be distributed or sold in the schools because you can’t be sure what’s in them. Maybe that’s not always true, but it just seems unrealistic.

So Kate is never home to see her kids. She’s too tired to have sex with her husband, Richard (Greg Kinnear), when she is home. So how is she at work? Oh, don’t worry, she sucks there, too. Now I’m really not in a position to judge someone because they’re clumsy, but there’s clumsy and then there’s someone who lacks certain motor and/or brain functions. If you’re sitting in front of a video camera, waiting for an important client to come on and talk to you, would you use that time to get up and start adjusting your clothes and tugging at yourself, so that the client will inevitably see this? Not if you have common sense. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Kate. It’s also worth noting that Kate constantly looks like she hasn’t washed her hair in several days. I don’t know a single person who is a parent, stay at home or not, who just never washes their hair. Skip a day or two, sure, maybe. But to the point where your greasy hair is distracting? This idea that working mothers don’t have time to wash their hair before work is pretty insulting.

And finally, let me tell you about the single most insulting and disturbing part of I Don’t Know How She Does It. Kate has a co-worker, Momo (Olivia Munn). Momo is presented to us a cold woman with no life because she works all the time. This is the first thing I find insulting. Just because Kate doesn’t know Momo outside of work and Momo works hard does not mean she doesn’t have a life. I work hard! I’m successful! I work long hours! And I have a pretty active and social non-work life. I also can’t imagine any of my co-workers assuming this about me, because who cares? But it gets even more insulting. Momo is not shy about not wanting kids. Even though this is a foreign concept to Kate and Kate is always ready to present reasons to Momo why motherhood is great, Momo just doesn’t want kids. But then, Momo gets pregnant. She wants an abortion, and is going to get an abortion. BUT KATE GUILTS HER INTO KEEPING THE BABY. WHAT THE FUCK. This offends me on a personal level, because I also don’t want children. Luckily, none of my friends or co-workers with children are awful or stupid enough to try to convince me that I should have kids. Also, this just makes no sense. If you love kids and being a mother, why would you convince someone who A.) Doesn’t want kids B.) Will be a single parent C.) Has not planned financially/emotionally for a child to keep a kid? Isn’t that maybe the exact person who should not have kids? I don’t get it. Fuck you, Kate. And wash your goddamn hair.




Chris rented The King of Marvin Gardens for a few reasons, one of them being that neither of us had ever heard of it. That can be a toss-up, but it worked out well here.

For me, being my age, the most striking thing about The King of Marvin Gardens was seeing Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, and Ellen Burstyn so young. Which is sort of weird, because it’s not like I haven’t seen them as younger people before, especially Jack Nicholson. But something about this movie, having all these actors that I mostly know as older people, all together here as young people, was sort of surreal. And it’s not like they’re teenagers or anything, I think they’re mostly in their late 30’s. But still! For the first time I felt like I understood why Jack Nicholson has a reputation of being a playboy.

But anyway, The King of Marvin Gardens is pretty strange. I felt like I didn’t know what was going on a lot of the time, but that didn’t bother me. There’s a difference between not knowing what’s going on because a movie is bad, and just not knowing what’s going on. If that makes sense. I certainly followed the movie enough to understand the plot and all, but for some scenes I just didn’t know what the hell was happening.

For me, what makes The King of Marvin Gardens so great are the opening and closing scenes. They’re not directly related, but they’re so well-performed and quite beautifully shot. It sort of makes some of the murkiness between the scenes seem completely justified.

Also . . . can I just mention Bruce Dern’s Illinois accent is amazing? Maybe it’s just from living in Illinois, but I just loved hearing him speak here.


I really wanted to see this because I had never heard about it. And it was something I happened to come across at the library. Its the follow up movie Jack Nicholson did with Bob Rafelson after Five Easy Pieces, a movie I saw in high school I think and remember enjoying.

What I was scared most about this movie was that it would be slow and boring but I found that to be the exact opposite. I think the movie was an hour and forty minutes but I felt like we were only watching for thirty minutes. The story is basically two brothers reconnecting and trying to invest in a tropical island casino. Jack Nicholson plays a radio DJ loser and Bruce Dern plays his brother who lives in Atlantic City, has mob type connections, and spends more money than he probably really has.

What I love about this movie is how sad it is. Bruce Dern has it in his head that he’s going to start this lucrative casino and live out the rest of his years being bathed with women and money, and it is instantly apparent that this in no way could ever happen; he just doesn’t have a realistic grasp on his life. Jack Nicholson is basically there to reconnect with his older brother, someone he hasn’t seen in years, and in doing so has agreed to help him figure out the business side of starting this company.

The movie is very good and I really enjoyed it, not sure about Elizabeth really, but I would totally recommend it and it was so crazy seeing such a young Jack Nicholson and Bruce Dern.




This was the second time I watched this movie? I saw it first with my dad whenever it came out on DVD. I remember then that it was bad so I was more than happy to revisit it since I really didn’t remember it.

The worst part about this movie is that the end finale is a fight between two main characters and some zombie scientist. I can see this being okay except for this scene the director decided to film it in broad daylight? The effects are bad enough but for some reason daylight horror scenes just aren’t as scary.

The best part about this movie is that there are a ton of boobs in the beginning. But that quickly goes away when everyone dies.

Probably don’t waste your time with this movie.


Well, I know I’m not the target audience for House of the Dead. First of all, I didn’t even realize this was based on a video game. Second of all . . . well, I’m not a 12 year old boy? That’s who this movie seems to be geared toward, although I think even 12 year old boys deserve a little more credit than that.

House of the Dead is bizarre, but not in the way it wants to be. It just doesn’t make any sense. It’s also a movie that made me pretty sad, because Jürgen Prochnow of Das Boot is in it (and his character’s name is Captain Kirk, which doesn’t help anything). Also, one of the main characters is in an American flag jumpsuit the entire time and I was pretty convinced I had seen her in a few pornos before, but I guess I was mistaken. Still, I think House of the Dead is too boring to really make it worthwhile to watch in any sense.




I was shocked when I found out Chris had somehow not seen Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and it was something that I knew needed to be fixed right away. This movie is so great because it’s legitimately funny, sweet, super 90’s, and makes you feel good when it’s over. And that’s not even covering the fact that it has perhaps one of the greatest dance sequences in THE HISTORY OF FILM.

One of the subtler things I like about Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion is its ability to show women being funny and looking goofy, and they aren’t traits that only come with being unattractive or overweight, something I think a lot of funny female characters are reduced to. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion isn’t just a funny chick flick, it’s a straight up comedy, no matter what gender we’re talking about.

And just because it needs to be seen as many times as possible:


I had never heard of this movie. Apparently that was weird to Elizabeth so we decided to watch it. And I have to say it’s not as awful as I had imagined! It’s pretty funny. Our friend Ben made the comment that it’s like Night at the Roxbury but better.

I liked watching it but I never have to see it again.