BANANAS (1971)



This movie was insanely dark. Elizabeth and I recently got our library cards and have gone crazy checking movies out. Bananas was something that we wanted to see for a while, mostly cause we want to watch more Woody Allen movies. And I am very happy that Elizabeth decided to get this so close to us watching The Act of Killing. It’s basically the comedy version! Which makes so many scenes intensely scary.

I absolutely loved this film. The structure of the film is great, just a bunch of scenes, and most of the jokes are pretty funny. I also really liked Woody Allen’s character in this, basically himself just not very smart.

Go see The Act of Killing and then immediately go watch Bananas.


I’ve seen some pretty dark comedies, but Bananas has to be one of the darkest I’ve ever seen. I really didn’t know what to expect at all, and it’s pretty crazy.

I guess the easiest way to talk about the tone of Bananas is to say that the movie shows executions, and it’s still part of the comedy. It’s funny but you’re not sure why. It just sort of adds to highlighted the absurdity of politics. The most interesting aspect of watching Bananas was watching it so closely to The Act of KillingThe Act of Killing is, in a lot of ways, about the same thing as Bananas, and after watching such a scary documentary about that time period, it made Bananas much darker and scarier.

While I don’t think Bananas has a ton of laugh-out-loud humor, there’s a pretty great courtroom scene in which J. Edgar Hoover is put on the stand, but Hoover is played by a large black woman, as Hoover is in disguise. I don’t know what about that is so funny, but it definitely got to me.


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