Elizabeth (spoilers!)

Sinister is definitely scary. I’m not going to deny that. The movie opens with a long, Super 8 film of four people slowly being hanged from a tree. So I mean, yeah, it’s scary. But it’s also interesting, though it doesn’t quite take itself to the level that I think it could.

The biggest mistake I think Sinister makes is that it can’t help itself when it comes to cheap scares. There’s a lot of things coming up behind characters, things moving in the background unexpectedly, and loud noises. Because the plot revolves around Ethan Hawke finding a series of snuff films that all show families being murdered, which we also see, there’s no real need for jump scares because the movie is scary enough.

I’m also notoriously bad at predicting movie endings, whether it’s a horror movie, a twist ending, or just a regular ending. But I predicted the two main elements of the ending of Sinister way before they were revealed, which was disappointing.


This movie didn’t make a lot of sense but it did scare me. Not that that’s a very hard thing to do. The thing about this movie is that if you think you know what’s coming, you do. I think they thought they had a lot of big reveals but they were kind of lost on me since I thought we were supposed to already know that stuff.

The back story of the main character is confusing. All the scary stuff in the movie are cheap (don’t get me wrong, still scary to me). Check it out if you’re interested but really just watch The Blair Witch Project again!


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