This movie is the perfect example of a really shitty movie. There was nothing memorable, funny or intense. I think Jonah Hill can be pretty funny and a lot of the jokes he had in this movie were pretty identical to ones in other movies but you just didn’t care for anyone in this movie. Spare your night and watch Adventures In Babysitting instead.

For real though, the best part of the movie was the song during the credits.


I had at least mildly high hopes for The Sitter. I won’t say it was awful . . . I mean, it was better than an Adam Sandler movie. Buuuuuut . . . it’s really just not funny. It has a few funny parts, but mostly, when it’s not boring it’s just kind of weirdly offensive.

Probably the worst part of The Sitter is that I know what it was going for. It’s like some weird cross between Adventures in Babysitting (which I’ve never seen, but I’m taking Chris’ word on that) and Superbad. It tries to be sensitive, but misses the mark completely. This is most obvious in Slater (Max Records). Slater is a 13 year old heartthrob who is very nervous and apparently has to take medication for his anxiety. Slater finds out his best friend has been ignoring him because he found a new best friend, and Slater is pretty distraught. After this, Noah (Jonah Hill) notices Slater looking across the aisle of their subway car at a group of (male) friends. Because of this, later on Noah point blank tells Slater “You’re gay.” Slater flips out, but Noah talks him down, including telling him that high school and coming out to his parents is going to suck. Luckily for Noah, Slater eventually agrees about being gay but . . . isn’t that a huge fucking leap to make about a 13 year old? Is it gay that Slater was upset because his friend was mean to him? Everything is a huge deal when you’re 13, whether you’re gay or straight or male or female. It’s really sort of irresponsible to automatically assume, so boldly, that a child is gay like that.

So, yeah, long story short, The Sitter isn’t worth it.

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