HITCH (2005)



Hitch falls into what might be the worst kind of bad movie category. It’s mediocre. It’s not bad enough to be laughable, but it’s not good enough to be good. It’s just long, boring, and unfunny.

Hitch tries to be sensitive. Alex “Hitch” Hitchens (Will Smith) is a dating consultant who coaches men on how to date women. But really, a more accurate description is he’s someone who teaches men how to trick women they’re interested in into noticing them. It tries to be sensitive because Hitch is only in it for love; if he senses that a guy only wants to sleep with a woman, he won’t work with them. So, that’s nice. But what’s not nice is perpetuating this idea that if a woman says she doesn’t want to date you, you just need to try harder. It’s an idea that a lot of romantic comedies go with, that, at least compared to men, women are just child-like and need to be told what’s best for them. Good messages all around!


Hitch is in the worst movie ever category. And not because the director, actors, story were terrible. It’s just because this movie is so boring! The worst movie experience to me is to be able to predict everything that’s going to happen when it happens. Maybe this movie would have been better if it was R, maybe more nudity or some kind interesting adult humor.

The only thing this has going for it is the fact that we can actually believe that Will Smith would teach Kevin James (KJ4Lyfe) how to pick up women. It felt nice that it wasn’t Adam Sandler for a change.

This movie might be close to the worst but nothing has passed TED yet.

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