This movie is a giant piece of shit! But mostly in a good way. If you think this movie is about Jennifer Lopez, a maid, falling in love with a well-known Ralph Fiennes, some politician, but he’s too high class to accept her love, then you are wrong. What this movie is is Jennifer Lopez meeting Ralph Fiennes, they fall in love, he wants to get with her, she hides being a maid, but once Ralph Fiennes finds out she’s a maid, he still wants to get with her! Only Jennifer Lopez won’t let him cause he has a better job than her? So where usually the more privileged one is the bad guy this movie switches it around so our protagonist is the villain, kind of. So you don’t give a shit about anyone!! Yay movie making!


Here’s something I feel like we’ve run into a lot: how weird it is to see a shitty actor play against a good actor. I feel like acting can easily be something that you don’t know how good it is until you see how bad it can be. Case in point: Jennifer Lopez attempting to act near Ralph Fiennes in Maid in Manhattan.

I can’t fault Ralph Fiennes for this. He’s one of the most underrated and under-appreciated working actors, and the guy has to pay the bills. I can’t really fault Jennifer Lopez, either, because I mean, what is she going to do about it? I guess the biggest fault lies with the writers, but then again, at least they made something that was full of surprises.

I don’t mean full of surprises in the tagline kind of way . . . I mean surprises like: Marisa (Jennifer Lopez) is supposed to be the protagonist but is actually awful. Seriously! She has a job that she’s good at and is about to move up in, with co-workers she loves and good, understanding bosses. So . . . she steals while on the job? She meets Chris (Ralph Fiennes) and lies to him about who she is, but when he finds out he still wants to be with her because he doesn’t care that she’s a single mother who’s a maid with a different name. So . . . she turns him down? It’s weird. Marisa is pretty much the only person ever causing real conflict. There are other conflicts, but they’re minor and wouldn’t change anything. Instead, she just sucks.

Probably my favorite/most bizarre part was the very end sequence, when we’re told the characters’ futures via magazine covers. The last one shows Marisa and Chris with a headline like “A Year Later: Still Going Strong!” A year later? Couldn’t it have been five or ten years later? Or their wedding picture? Instead it’s just, “Still dating!” Cool? Glad we watched a movie about this relationship?


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