I really didn’t know anything about Enough Said before we saw it. I got free advanced screening passes, and because Chris loves James Gandolfini so much, I knew we had to see it, especially since it was one of his last movies.

That’s always pretty sad anyway, but this just seemed particularly sad because I so loved seeing Gandolfini play just a sweet guy, rather than the aggressive giant he usually seems to play. I think this role must have been similar to who he was in real life. I guess that’s why it was particularly sad.

But what was really great about this movie was the dialogue. It’s really natural. I think it’s hard for actors to be convincing when they laugh at another actor’s scripted joke, but all of the joking around and laughing that happens in Enough Said seemed completely real. And I liked that everyone was funny and smart, but not to the point where it was obvious things were scripted, if that makes sense. In other words, it wasn’t like Juno.

I was also really impressed with the fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus carried a starring role so well. Especially considering she had Catherine Keener and Toni Collette play in the same film, but in supporting roles. I never thought Toni Collette playing a side character to Julia Louis-Dreyfus would work, but it really does here. It was also crazy seeing Toby Huss aka Artie The Strongest Man in the World from Pete and Pete play a totally normal guy.

If you can get over the sadness of watching James Gandolfini be great while knowing he’s gone, then Enough Said is definitely worth watching.


This movie was really sad to watch. Most of it was because we know that James Gandolfini is now gone and two because it shows how awful relationships can be, both during and after. The plus side though is that I thought this movie was pretty awesome and at it’s core sweet!! James Gandolfini is fantastic in it, as well as Julia Louis-Dreyfus who does an excellent job as the film’s lead.

To me this movie was a lot like The Kids Are Alright, but way better. Mostly cause you don’t feel like shit after watching this but also because Enough Said does a much better job ending each character’s storyline. Unfortunately this isn’t one of the greatest movies ever, I would want it to be since it’s Gandolfini’s second to last film, but it was extremely enjoyable.

I also really liked the score to this film. It was pretty basic but had hints of Jon Brion.





I went into this movie thinking it was going to be along the lines of an Adam Sandler movie but I ended up kind of enjoying it. Specifically Philip Seymour Hoffman is so funny, every time he’s on screen he made me laugh. Elizabeth and I have different views on Ben Stiller; I find him annoying and kind of a dick (I base that all off of him in movies, soooo I really haven’t looked to into this) but can occasionally be funny, and Elizabeth thinks he’s fine. To me, he was okay in this movie, not as great as he is in Heavyweights or Zoolander but I didn’t find him annoying and to me that was a win! Although I might not have found him annoying cause his character in this was a lot like Elizabeth but I’m sure she will talk about that.

This movie was fun to watch but it’s also a good reminder that Philip Seymour Hoffman is so incredible and I want to see everything that his is in no matter what!


I had seen Along Came Polly in theaters but didn’t remember too much except A.) It made me feel sort of sick and B.) Philip Seymour Hoffman was incredible. So I wanted to watch it again, and it was actually better than I remembered.

While the movie didn’t make me feel sick anymore, I was sort of shocked at how similar I was to Reuben (Ben Stiller) as the movie went on. We’re both nervous people who like safety and work in insurance and have weak stomachs. Luckily, Chris isn’t really like Polly (Jennifer Aniston). While I actually thought their relationship here was pretty sweet, I feel like watching this now as an adult I see how next to impossible a relationship like theirs would be in real life.

But I need to talk about the real star of this movie: Philip Seymour Hoffman as Sandy. While I am happy that Hoffman won the Oscar for Capote, and I thought it was well-deserved . . . wouldn’t it have been sort of amazing if he won at Oscar for Along Came Polly? It sounds absurd, but he’s amazing in it! He constantly made me laugh, and even though he’s playing a big goofy character, he can’t hide what an incredible actor he is. Seeing how intense he was, even in this movie, made me really want to see him on stage or something.

But anyway, Along Came Polly might not seem worth it, but it’s definitely cute and funny. And though Polly sort of seems like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl character, her flaws are pointed out as flaws rather than cute quirks, which was refreshing.