There’s a point in Bed of Roses when Lisa (Mary Stuart Masterson) is spending time with Lewis (Christian Slater), because he delivered her an anonymous bouquet and she’s trying to find out who sent them. Lewis then admits to Lisa that he sent them, after taking one of his nightly walks and saw her crying through her bedroom window. “So I followed you to work the next morning, found out your name, and sent you the flowers,” Lewis says. Lisa responds to this, after a slight pause, with, “So you sent the flowers?”

ARE WE NOT GOING TO ADDRESS THE FACT THAT THIS GUY FOLLOWED YOU TO WORK AND STALKED YOU, LISA? Lewis’ creepiness goes completely undiscussed during the entirety of Bed of Roses. Lewis starts to seem less creepy, though, when it becomes how clear it is that Lisa is pretty dumb and maybe even a little psychotic herself.

So, okay, yes Bed of Roses is really pretty shitty. I didn’t want it to be. A trailer for it was on some VHS I had as a kid and always wanted to see it, so I was disappointed when I realized how awful it was. BUT. There are two great things about Bed of Roses. The first is the appearance of Pamela Adlon as Kim, Lisa’s best friend. Pamela Adlon is the voice of Bobby Hill in King of the Hill, one of my favorite all-time TV characters, so it was sort of amazing seeing her here (and hearing how similar her voice is to Bobby’s). The second is the appearance of what miiiiight be one of the greatest songs of all time? My love for this song absolutely came from the aforementioned trailer, but I hadn’t listened to it in years until we watched this movie. And that song would be “Independent Love Song,” by Scarlet. It’s kind of cheesy, I guess. But mostly it’s just AMAZING.

So I guess in the end, sure, watch Bed of Roses if you want to see some annoying people have a relatively conflict-free romance. Or you could just cut to the chase and listen to “Independent Love Song” over and over.


This movie was a home run and it took me to cloud 9!! This movie is Simply Irresistible bad. Now, there is not magic crab but at the heart of this movie there is only a creepy love story with absolutely no conflict. Christian Slater plays an over-confident, very creepy, flower store owner who comes on to Mary Stuart Masterson and what ends up happening is that he’s too good of a guy for her! So she has to fight to understand that maybe, just maybe, if she lets him love her, she’ll be happy for the rest of her life!

Watch this movie now!

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