TRON (1982)





Okay, so watching Tron was really weird. I had seen it before for the first time in college and I remember thinking it was awesome. I loved the effects and Jeff Bridges. So I was more than happy to watch it again. But the second time around I found it nearly impossible to get through.

And it’s not because I had seen it before and so now it was boring because I knew the story. It was boring because I didn’t know what was happening about 99% of the time. How did I get it in college and not now? I’m assuming I actually didn’t get it in college and was just really into how it looked. Which is sort of unlike me, but whatever. It happens I guess.

The thing about Tron is that it really doesn’t establish anything in its own world, so it’s hard to tell if something is out of the ordinary. Maybe it’s easier to understand for software engineers or something, but since we don’t have context for anything it was impossible to tell if what they were saying about computers was even real or if it was made up for the movie. It was sort of like watching a cool foreign film without subtitles.


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