I’ve been trying to watch this movie for months now but Elizabeth was never in the mood. Finally I found the right moment, 6 o’clock on a Saturday, where there were absolutely no reasons to not watch this over two hour movie that moment! Unfortunately the wait was not worth it though. This movie was pretty funny in its awfulness but I really didn’t like most of the characters, especially Sarah Jessica Parker who really is distractingly unattractive to me.

Everything really is against me not liking anything about this though. I’ve never seen the show, whenever I think of this show I think of Jim Gaffigan but according to Elizabeth he was only in one episode, and it’s very insane how rich everyone is. The one thing I was not expecting was that a few of the characters got naked. I know this is a movie with sex in the title but I really had no clue that the main characters were among the people taking off their clothes, I’m not sure why I thought that. Except for SJP of course but I think that’s really a blessing if nothing else.

I’m not really sure what I thought of this movie other than the fact that it was kind of boring, there were so many characters you kept jumping from storyline to storyline, SJP voiceover seemed very unnecessary, and didn’t everyone have a happy ending in the show, what was the point of having this movie where pretty much everyone has something awful happen to them? Even with all of that I’m ready to watch the next one soon!


Well, the fact of the matter is that the TV show of Sex and the City only really works if you just accept from the beginning that it’s a fantasy show. If you do that, you don’t get hung up on how the characters have so much money, so much sex, so much everything, without many bad things happening. And that was okay when watching 30 minute installments of the TV show. But with the movie version of Sex and the City, you have to sustain that belief for nearly two and a half hours . . . and that’s difficult.

I’ve seen every episode of Sex and the City so I was disappointed in the way that so many of the characters’ stories played out after the show ended. But that aside, as a movie, it’s just really hard to give a shit about characters who apparently don’t have to go to work (or can at least take an extravagant trip to Mexico at the drop of a hat) and have endless money and whose personalities have morphed into caricatures of themselves. Yeah, Samantha likes sex, Charlotte is proper, Miranda is a hardass, and Carrie is just kind of stupid, but there was always more to their characters than that in the show, at least for most of the seasons. But that’s all they’re pretty much reduced down to here, and it gets boring fast.

I don’t know if seeing this movie would be better or worse if you’re a fan of the show. But if Chris is any indication, it’s just not good either way.


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