I saw this movie trailer a while back, I guess when it came out but Elizabeth recently mentioned it and we happened to come across it at a local library. It’s so weird but I found it to be kind of relatable. If I saw this as a kid it would have completely freaked me out. Now, this movie doesn’t really have an ending, a lot of it is kind of up to you to figure out but I liked that since the movie was about going crazy.

Since the movie is about a guy cutting his mustache and no one noticing, I decided to cut mine off too. I was thinking about it anyway but this seemed like the right time to do it. I used to look one way and now I look another but unlike the movie pretty much everyone mentioned it. I’m glad though because if people didn’t feel comfortable talking to me about it at work I would have been a little disappointed.

This movie was fun but I don’t think I would watch it again; I might read what other people thought about the ending though.


Ever since I saw Tree of Life, I always thought it was a perfect example of what a pretentious art house movie was. Anytime I’ve seen an exaggerated parody of an art house movie, it’s been strangely similar to Tree of Life, which is just an example of why I think it’s an awful movie. La Moustache is similar, I think, because it seems like a stereotypical French art house movie. But it’s still better than Tree of Life.

La Moustache is weirdly stressful given the pretty simple plot: Marc (Vincent Lindon) has always had a mustache and then, on a whim, decides to shave it off. But once he does, his wife Agnès (Emmanuelle Devos) never notices, and neither do their close friends or Marc’s co-workers. When Marc confronts Agnès, she tells him he’s never had a mustache, which everyone around him agrees with, and then the stress begins.

At the start, La Moustache is pretty great because there are times when it seems clear that Marc is going crazy and times when it seems clear that Agnès is going crazy. Old pictures of Marc prove that he did have a mustache, and strangers on the street confirm this in pictures. But things begin to unravel further when we find out that Agnès has no idea who Marc is talking about when he mentions their old friends, and Agnès tells Marc that, unbeknown to him, his father had died years ago. The further along La Moustache goes, though, the looser it gets with the plot, I guess so it becomes more and more open to interpretation. But by the time the movie ends, you really don’t know what happened, who went crazy, or if any of it happened at all. I’m all for ambiguity in a movie, but on this level it seems like it’s ambiguous because the filmmakers aren’t sure what happened, either.

I think La Moustache is definitely worth seeing, if for no other reason than it’s pretty unique. Just know that once you start to get antsy about what’s going on, that feeling isn’t really going to go away.

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