DEVIL (2010)



I remember when this movie came out and it’s not becuase people loved it. This is the movie that when the trailer played in theaters, when M. Night Shyamalan’s name comes up, people in theaters around the America would boo the screen. Youtube was full of these videos but whatever company put it out quickly took those down. It was pretty fantastic to be a part of in real life. So in case you did not know M. Night wrote this film. And he proves he has no idea how to write.

This movie makes no sense on way too many levels to even list. . . also we watched this a few weeks ago and I don’t remember a ton of it. This movie was entertaining though. When I say stuff didn’t make a lot of sense, this movie really does have something wrong with it in every scene!! It makes it fun, yano!

It’s on Netflix, you should check it out!


To set the majority of the action of a movie, especially a horror/thriller movie, in an elevator takes a lot of skill and tight filmmaking. Devil has none of this. It opens with a then-unknown character explaining the entire plot of the movie: that the devil appears when someone commits suicide, will trap sinners in a confined space, will make them turn on each other, and the last person who dies will die in front of someone who loves them. Nothing says tension like giving away the entire plot (by voiceover) within the first 10 minutes!

So I mean, what really is there more to say about it? What the voiceover tells you will happen does happen. All of the characters are idiots, especially because apparently this giant office building has no kind of safety measures in place in terms of dealing with people stuck on an elevator, which is just great. Another example of M. Night Shyamalan having a slightly interesting story idea and doing absolutely nothing good with it.


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