I was legitimately nervous about seeing Halloween because Michael Myers’ mask is legitimately horrifying to me. And then the first scene is also pretty scary, where we see Michael murder his sister from his perspective.

And then . . . it gets boring. At first I thought it was going to be interesting, because once Michael escapes from the mental institution he’s in, he stalks Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) during the daytime, which was creepy in its strangeness. But once it’s Halloween night, and once I thought it would really start to get going it’s just . . . boring. The majority of the movie is watching three teenage girls spend their Halloween night waiting for something to happen. Eventually, of course, Michael does start murdering people, but by then I was honestly so bored that I sort of didn’t care and just wanted the movie to be over. Maybe that’s harsh of me, but I just didn’t find Halloween to be all that scary or really the least bit interesting.


This movie scared me so much as a kid; I had many sleepness night due to Michael Myers. I never actually saw it but I was at a birthday party, on a Saturday night, and someone else at the party brought their MM mask. That night was full of people running out of shadows, wearing the mask, and scaring everyone in their path. Now, I can probably safely say that I was the only one that freaked da $#%^ out, but I remember that night all too well. I remember not being able to sleep with everyone and ended up asking the parents at the party if I could sleep in a real bed and the next day meeting my parents at church and confessing my new giant fear to my parents. I remember thinking I would never be unscared again, in my life. I also really remember the rubber smell of the mask. I’m kind of freaking myself out writing this cause it’s becoming all too real again.

So watching it for the first time as a 26 year old living on their own, I’m not quite sure what I was scared of. Everything that that movie is in my mind was no where near as scary as the actual movie. And it was kind of boring. I am kind of interested in this film franchise though and I really want to watch Halloween III soon!


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