What is this movie? I had always seen this movie at Blockbuster as a kid but never really thought twice about renting it because one, I thought my parents would never let me, and two, it kind of looked scary. But after seeing it, HOLY SHIT, I thought it was fantastic. Now, most of that might come from just how weird it is. I was not expecting that. And after seeing it the cover makes a lot more sense.

Other than the story I think having such giant stars in this movie add to its ridiculousness. Now, all I really want to say is that there is actual magic in this film. I don’t want to say more. It’s on Netflix, it’s Friday, WATCH IT after you get back from the bars!


It’s always so weird watching a movie that you haven’t seen since you were a kid. I feel like I watched this movie a lot when I was younger and loved it even though it also sort of freaked me out. I’m surprised it didn’t scare me more, actually. It’s crazy what I remember and don’t remember, like I remember thinking the vial that holds the magic potion looked really cool. I also remember Rick Moranis being in it, which he is not, at all. Mistaking Bruce Willis for Rick Moranis is a foreign concept to me now, but it’s very possible that when I first saw Death Becomes Her I didn’t know who Bruce Willis was, but I definitely knew Rick Moranis.

But all that aside, watching it now as an adult the thing that struck me most was how incredible the makeup and visual effects were. For a movie that came out 22 years ago, you would think it would look more dated but it really holds up. Old Meryl Streep is convincing, and even crazier, fat Goldie Hawn is convincing. It’s really pretty incredible.

I was surprised at how weird and dark Death Becomes Her is, but it plays with it so well that you sort of forget about how dark it is. And I mean, bottom line, I love Meryl Streep so much that I’m pretty much sold on whatever she does anyway.

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