What is there even to say about Sharknado that hasn’t been said or isn’t totally obvious? Not that that would stop us of course. But I mean, this movie is insane.

Even though before this movie, the word “sharknado” meant nothing, it’s clear that it means exactly what you think it means: a tornado of sharks. Given that tornadoes are traditionally on land and sharks are traditionally at sea, this seems pretty odd. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t really attempt to clear up any logic for us.

All in all, I think Sharknado is tragic in many ways. I mean, I’m not personally the biggest ever fan of sharks, but I also don’t want them to die en masse, and the whole movie is just watching sharks die. You might point out that we also see a good amount of humans die, and I’m not saying that’s not bad, but what the hell did these sharks do? They got scooped up by a tornado and miraculously survived not being underwater for a long period of time, only to find themselves smashed to the ground and, yes, sometimes chomping on people to death. But maybe the constant chomping is some kind of weird reaction to being in the air, like how fish open and close their mouths when they’re out of the water? What I’m saying is that the sharks are not the bad guy here. If anything, the bad guy is the tornado and flooding. But whatever.

Sharknado is also tragic because of the appearances of Ian Ziering (from Beverly Hills 90210), Tara Reid (from countless teen/shitty movies), and John Heard (the dad from the Home Alone movies). Let’s just say . . . the sharks aren’t the only ones who are washed up.


This movie is completely insane. With it finally showing up on Netflix, Elizabeth and I were finally able to watch it. After a complete viewing there were two things I walked away thinking about. One, is how are these sharks landing perfectly on these people in order bite and kill them, and why is this group the heroes behind this story? Everyone is a complete moron!

My favorite part of this movie though is the bus scene, where our heroes decide to save a school bus full of children from apparently hungry sharks. I love that multiple times during this scene you can see that the bus not actually flooding and you can constantly see the dry street behind people. I also like that this takes our “heroes” at least three hours or so. All the while car are just driving around in the background like nothing is happening (or they didn’t realize people were trying to shoot a movie) and that even though a Sharknado is going on, it’s completely sunny outside.

This movie is crazy and fun. Watch it now!


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