Full disclosure: we started watching I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry several months ago, but we stopped it about 2/3 of the way through because it was so awful and only now have we picked it up and finished it. Not that that really changes anything about how I feel about the movie.

It’s hard to say something like “The worst thing about I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is . . .” because there about a thousand terrible things about it. But I can at least safely say that one of the worst things about this movie is how desperately attempts to seem accepting when in reality it’s just insanely offensive. Although Chuck (Adam Sandler) regularly uses the word “faggot” in its most negative way, he eventually understands that this isn’t right. But it isn’t until people start calling him a faggot, because of his fake gay marriage to Larry (Kevin James), that he realizes it. And I’m pretty sure it’s not any kind of deep realization, he just gets angry that people are calling him a faggot. Progressive!

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry has all of the terrible homophobia that you’d expect it to have. One of my favorites (aka the worst) is Larry’s son, Eric, who is maybe 10 years old or something, being portrayed as gay because he likes dance and musicals, etc. Chuck makes fun of him for this, in fact. They do realize this is a little boy, right? That he just has interests in things that aren’t traditionally masculine? That he’s really too young to have a defined sexuality? Of course they don’t understand any of this. In the end, Eric is more accepted because after using gay marriage to commit fraud, Chuck and Larry suddenly have a complete understanding of what it’s like to be gay. Right.

But like I said, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was nearly impossible to get through. It sort of makes you want to die. Not really worth it.


As I think this blog backs up, I love watching Adam Sandler movies, especially ones with Kevin James. So I have been wanting to see this movie for a while. We tried watching it about 4 months ago or so and a few weeks ago we finally finished it.

I can see what Sandler was going for in this, I think. I think this movie was his way to express to the gay community that he is alright with their sexuality. Unfortunately, as you might have guessed, I doubt people walked away from this movie thinking that. For starters Adam Sandler uses the word faggot multiple times and in a few instances using it the worst way possible. Like most Sandler movies his character starts off mean and by the end he’s a better person and he gets the girl. I would love to hear a real interview with him where he truly talks about the kind of work he’s doing today. I really can’t believe that he thinks he’s doing a good job.

This movie is basically about Sandler and James pretending to be gay lovers in order to cheat certain taxes (I think I really don’t remember, this movie is long). So most of the movie is them convincing the public that they truly are in love. All the while Sandler is falling in love with their lawyer and James is just trying to be a good dad…and the struggles of being fat.

In all I would say this movie was fun to watch but it was easily the most offensive. This is a movie though where I would really like to know what people think about it. Although I’m sure most people wouldn’t waste their time.


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