Elizabeth and I finally started listen to a ton of podcasts and one of them is How Did This Get Made. So since they watched this movie for their Halloween episode and since Elizabeth and I just saw Halloween in theaters, we knew we had to see this.

First of all, this movie is very boring. And what’s particularly crazy about it, it that there is no Michael Myers! The whole movie is about some doctor pretending to be a detective, who on the side is a giant alcoholic and has sex with every woman he meets.

During the film there is this commercial that plays and it plays at least 12 times. By the end of this film that’s probably what you will end up walking away with knowing the most. This movie is weird and crazy but drink some soda or something before because it’s sloooooow.

Elizabeth (spoilers!)

Did you know Halloween III: Season of the Witch, though advertising itself as part of the Halloween universe, has nothing to do with Michael Myers? And in many ways is actually closer to Videodrome than Halloween? Yeah, it’s weird.

Let’s see, Halloween III is about an evil Halloween mask company that uses its insanely annoying commercials to hypnotize kids with crazy cursed masks that will eventually kill them all. It might sound interesting and/or scary, but it’s neither of those. One of my favorite elements is the fact that the main character, Dr. Challis (Tom Atkins) has pretty much one character trait, and it’s that he apparently sleeps with every woman he knows. But it’s not a character trait in the way that it is for someone like Joey on Friends or Barney on How I Met Your Mother because it’s never at all discussed. It’s just a fact. He just sleeps with everyone, okay? Get used to it!

So yeah, this evil mask company wants to kill all the kids, but I don’t think they ever say why. Now I understand being lukewarm toward kids, or not even liking them, but wanting to kill all of them without any kind of reason is a bit much. I guess evil isn’t really supposed to have a reason, but still. The movie sort of ends on a cliffhanger, but as long as Dr. Challis still continues to get ladies, it’ll all be okay.


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