what to expect


The best way to express my feeling about this movie is saying that it’s gross. Pregnancy in general is weird to me but I’m glad people do find it exciting (I know my mom will be disappointed with that statement). But as I get older and more aware that I have no interest in raising kids the whole idea scares me more and more. Now you might say, then why did you watch this movie, and I have to admit that the whole concept being gross made me think that this movie would also be pretty funny in its weirdness. And I was right!!!!!

This movie is insane and like Love Actually benefits in no way from it’s multiple story lines. J.LO wants to adopt a baby from another country and that conflict was that her husband didn’t want to. Cameron Diaz was impregnated by her dance partner and they just decided to have it and in the end get married. ect. ect. ect.

The only part of this movie I found to be funny was Dennis Quaid and his wife who were having a baby and made it all into a competition with Quaid’s son. Other than that it was kind of difficult to care about anyone. Also am I the only one who think Bill Paxton and Dennis Quad look the same? And are both not that great at acting? Elizabeth was not too happy that I felt this way but I’m curious if I’m alone on this.


Here’s another movie that I feel I need to add a disclosure to: I do not want children. Never have, don’t think I ever will. This is for a number of reasons, but in general the thought of having children horrifies me and it’s really difficult for me to understand other people’s desires for children. That being said, I don’t remotely have any problem with other people who want children. I’m happy they do! Someone has to! So if you have kids or want kids or like kids, I hope you’re not insulted by anything I say.

So, all that being said, What to Expect When You’re Expecting is horrifying and disgusting both in its themes and just as a movie. I understand that it’s trying to cover all different scenarios, like adoption and miscarriages and stuff, but this is just ridiculous. It takes the multi-storyline approach and it really pretty much fails. It’s not just because there’s too many characters, but also because it gets really boring. There’s maybe 10 different storylines going, and they’re all about pregnancy or kids, and it just gets boring. I get it. Kids are incredibly challenging on pretty much every level. I get that people want kids and will make crazy sacrifices for them. But do I really need to see this over and over for almost 2 hours? Probably not.

And even though What To Expect When You’re Expecting attempts to incorporate different child and pregnancy-related scenarios, it still lacked plots that involved abandoned mothers, financial issues, homosexuality, or really any kind of diversity (I know the cast is not exclusively white, but it mostly is). I can’t imagine many mothers (or parents in general) who struggle financially relating to hardly anything in this movie, because even though there are difficult pregnancies, I can’t help but think, “Eh, but you’re rich, so eventually this difficulty will end.” Gross. In general, What To Expect When You’re Expecting is a horror movie to me and really wasn’t the least bit enjoyable.



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