I think it’s important to say first and foremost that you should not watch Whores’ Glory with anyone that you do not want to watch porn with. The title and subject matter should be an obvious giveaway, but this documentary shows for real, full nudity, graphic sex and I just think it’s good to know that before getting into it.

. . . and that’s one of the reasons why I loved Whores’ Glory so much. There’s no narrator, you never see any documentarians, you only see prostitutes living their lives, completely uncensored. It’s kind of extremely sad and scary, but soooo interesting.

Whores’ Glory is broken up into three parts, showing prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico, but it’s incredible how similar the experiences are. The film is ambiguous about whether prostitution is legal in these particular areas, but whether it seems like the girls are forced into it or not, the all have similarly depressing lives. What really hit me was that all three regions included interviews with prostitutes who more or less spoke about how sad they are inside, how often they cry, etc. One of the women talked for a while about how sad and unfair it is to be a woman. Hearing her speak almost made me cry. While I don’t directly relate to her talking about how she has no other options in life, I know that it’s true and it’s just hard not to really feel that when you’re a woman watching it. While I felt bitter hearing about her life, because it’s not fair that she’s forced into this life just because she’s female, I also felt guiltily lucky for not being in a situation like that myself.

Whores’ Glory is really pretty amazing. It’s certainly not for everyone, but man is it good.


This movie is so good. It’s really good. The movie looks at three different brothels, one in Thailand, one in India, and one in Mexico. Now, there are weird moments, like a five minute scene where you see street dogs kind of have sex or near the end where you see a prostitute pretty much perform a blow job and have sex with a client, but really, I wouldn’t want this movie to be any different.

It’s also just really weird and a lot of the movie is just observing the women working, trying to get costumers. There are many sad parts of this film, one being an Indian lady confessing how hard it is to a woman, but there are multiple times when you feel sad because the women are unable to get customers. Either from being too old or not as sexy as the young girls.

SEE THIS MOVIE!! As of now I would say Spring Breakers and Whores’ Glory are my two favorite movies Elizabeth and I have watched this year.

EXTRA: I also watched Rabbi’s Cat and the two Jackass movies on Netflix. Rabbi’s Cat is based off the Joann Sfar comic and even though I have never read it this movie is pretty great. If nothing else seeing his animation come to life is worth seeing. And the Jackass movies? They are still fun to watch. I never saw the movies when they came out but I remember watching the show all the time. Listening to the Johnny Knoxville WTF made me check them out again.


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