Why did I not watch this in middle school?!?!?!? So I think some of this movie is not that great, and some scenes make no sense, like when Michael Douglas’ cop buddies pull a gun on him just because he’s trying to fight a fellow officer, but overall this movie was pretty intense. The amount of nudity helped keep me interested as well, of course.

I really wasn’t expecting there to be as much nudity and intense sex scenes as there were. I mean, it never got to the level of Whores’ Glory but it was pretty close at times. I honestly kind of don’t remember a lot about the story cause when I think about this film I mostly see boobs. But I did like how this movie really did keep be guessing at what was going on. But in the end I think I would rather see The Game instead? But maybe I have to watch Basic Instinct again to determine that.


I couldn’t believe that Chris had not seen this movie before. Considering how many movies he watched in high school, and the fact that there’s enough nudity and sex in it to practically be softcore porn, I was shocked. So I knew we had to watch it.

I don’t know how old I was when I saw Basic Instinct for the first time – maybe middle school? But I hadn’t seen it since then, and the thing I remembered most from the movie was how scary I thought it was. Everyone is just so aggressive and manipulative. I have to say though, watching Basic Instinct again wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the first time. Maybe it’s because sex scenes don’t shock me like they used to, plus I knew what was going to happen to everyone. The subplots were still interesting, especially when it came to Jeanne Tripplehorn’s character, but I also felt like those subplots were sort of quickly glossed over to make room for more sex scenes. But decreasing the sex scenes would have so dramatically changed the way Basic Instinct is, it might not be worth it.

I still think Basic Instinct is good, though. And Sharon Stone and Jeanne Tripplehorn are completely gorgeous in it.


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