Okay, there is something I really need to talk about with Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. I have not confirmed this in any way, but I SWEAR TO GOD MEL GIBSON DUBBED OVER SYLVESTER STALLONE’S LINES. Hear me out. We all know what Sylvester Stallone sounds like right? Basically that he has serious issues with enunciation. Although I didn’t really find him hard to understand in Rocky, I think Stallone is sort of known for being hard to understand. I’m not a huge Mel Gibson fan but I’ve seen Pocahontas enough times to recognize his voice immediately. And Stallone sounds just like Mel Gibson in this movie! It’s insane! I was so distracted by it. If Mel Gibson did not dub Stallone’s voice, then I swear they did something to him. Like was he wearing something inside his mouth? Did he have veneers? What the hell was going on? Something’s up. I’ll find out someday.

Other than that, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot is juuuuuust about as horrible as you think. I thought there was a chance that it might be like Rocky working with Sophia from The Golden Girls but it was not like that at all. Instead it was Sylvester Stallone playing some kind of weird man child whose mother, Estelle Getty, is a weird, terrible person. I felt sort of bad for his character, but I also didn’t really care that much.

Also, the first thing I think about now when I think of this movie is this weird but short scene where we see Stallone in bed. He’s alone, wearing a giant white shirt and black tight underwear. And then he just sticks his ass in the air.  It’s not overtly sexual or anything, but it’s just weird. Just. Weird.


This movie was one of those films, that if you just changed the music it would have been a very scary horror movie. But I love that Ole Sly decided that he should be a part of it!!

What I took away from this movie is that Sylvester Stallone’s character is good at shooting chains, men shouldn’t take orders from female bosses, they should just date them, and that watching a movie, Sylvester Stallone might be colorblind, and that buddy cop comedies never work when the wacky character is someone like a crazy mom/person.