BARB WIRE (1996)



For a movie where you think I would talk about the sex/boobs as much as Basic Instinct, this movie really doesn’t have a ton of good things to say about it in that department. It’s mostly about Pamela Anderson’s terrible acting, a story that makes no sense, and a giant fat man.

To be fair the giant fat guy, Big Fatso was the best part. I kind of want a prequel to Barb Wire just about him, with the same actor of course, Andre Rosey Brown (I just looked him up and he died in 2006 so I guess that will not happen but I think he really was a great actor in this movie. He sold me on his character more than our leading lady, who all I really know about is that she hates people calling her babe. But now I’m kind of sad about Andre and want to see more movie with him in it.)


This is the poster for Barb Wire. It’s brilliant because that’s pretty much all there is to the movie: Pamela Anderson (Lee), her boobs, dumb words, a gun. That’s it, the end.

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