Chris and I finally got a chance to see Citizen Kane in theaters and it was amazing. Ever since I first saw Citizen Kane, I have maintained that while it is obviously a good movie to teach in film classes, that shouldn’t be the way someone sees it for the first time. Because yeah, it’s packed with some sweet (and important) techniques and shots and stuff, but the bottom line is that it’s a movie. It’s so much better if you just watch it and forget about how important it’s become, and seeing it in a theater makes that really easy.

What I think might be my favorite part of the movie is how sad Charles Foster Kane is. He has all the money in the world, and tons of power, and not bad looks, but his life is still pretty tragic. The movie does such a good job of balancing his character; showing us both sides of him. No one in the movie pretends that Kane is this secretly sweet, misunderstood guy, but no one thinks he’s totally bad, either. Everyone’s pretty much aware that he’s just sort of a sad figure. I really like that; it just feels so much more realistic.

One thing I have to say though: in the famous scene (from the above picture) of Kane giving a campaign speech in front of a giant poster of himself . . . could they have possibly chosen a more unflattering picture of Orson Welles? What the hell is that expression? Is he surprised? Is he about to vomit? Orson Welles wasn’t the best looking guy ever, but he looked better than that photo made him look. I like to think Welles chose that photo because it’s weird and looks sort of uncomfortable, but I don’t know.

Anyway, Citizen Kane really is a masterpiece. Sometimes the hype is worth it.


WE FINALLY SAW THIS ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! Elizabeth and I have been talking about trying to see this at the Drafthouse, if they ever played it, and luckily for us they did on Thanksgiving weekend!

I love this movie!! I know a lot of people might be against it, cause it’s easily the most talked about and taught but how could you not be invested in every aspect of this film? This is my fourth time watching this movie and I’m absolutely sure it will not be my last.

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