THE GAME (1997)



I was super into this movie as a kid and even though watching it now I see a lot of what’s wrong with it, I still find this movie really fun to watch. I’m sure Elizabeth will say that this movie is boring, which it kind of is, but I think the biggest thing that Elizabeth and I disagree with is what we consider to be a boring film. That will really be shown if we ever finish watching one of my favorite movies ever, Down By Law.

Elizabeth (spoilers!)

I was really surprised to find out in the end credits that David Fincher directed The Game because I really wasn’t all that impressed with it. I really didn’t know anything about it going into it, but I assumed the whole time we were watching it that everything/everyone was part of the titular game that Michael Douglas is involved in. Why shouldn’t I think that? The movie proves that the company putting on the elaborate game is capable of nearly anything. But I guess we were supposed to, like Michael Douglas’ character, start to believe that the company is this giant scam out to steal his money and/or kill him. When the big reveal comes at the end that it was all part of the game, I was sort of shocked. Not that that was the ending, but that we weren’t supposed to see that coming. The movie is called The Game! Of course everything is part of the game!

Oh well, the Criterion cover is awesome enough to almost make up for the whole thing.

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