I only saw this movie once in high school but I remember seeing T2 often and at a much younger age. I think this movie is interesting but is kind of boring at parts. And I don’t really like the Terminator pinball machine.


I had never seen The Terminator, so it was interesting to see it now. First of all, I did not realize Schwarzenegger was a bad guy. Even though I knew he played The Terminator. And even though its name is The Terminator. It just never occurred to me. . . for some reason. I was also surprised to find out that the movie wasn’t just all Linda Hamilton and Schwarzenegger, that there was a third guy, Kyle Reese (Michael Bieh), who was a good guy and a love interest for Sarah Connor. So that was interesting.

But can we talk about the special effects? I feel bad because this movie is nearly 30 years old. But some of the effects are prettyyyyyy funny, like Arnold’s fake face when he’s looking at his eye. Pictures don’t really do it, or some of the robot special effects, justice because when they’re in action, the models are so jerky that it’s practically stop motion (and it looks like stop motion might be how they did the robot parts in the first place). It’s just really goofy.

But that aside, I think the story of The Terminator is really interesting. I really want to see the second one because I’m really ready to see Sarah Connor be a total badass, rather than just be someone’s future mother. I couldn’t help but think though, when Kyle tells Sarah that her son, John Connor, will practically be the next Jesus, Sarah isn’t pregnant. Then she has sex with Kyle and gets pregnant, presumably with John. But Kyle never said how many kids Sarah will have. By the end of the movie, she’s pregnant and recording herself talking to the future John Connor, but how does she know she’s pregnant with him? Maybe she’s pregnant with John’s older sister? Part of me wishes that were an alternative ending.

But yeah, anyway, I really loved Linda Hamilton in this. I’m really itching to see the second one and it’s all because of her.


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