I’m so glad we finally saw this. I really am interested in seeing every Nicolas Cage movie, cause all the current ones suck, and some of the old ones are some of my favorite movies. It’s so interesting how crazy he appears to be these days.

What annoyed me the most about Trespass was how unthreatening the bad guys really were. I mean if you’re going to steal from a house with a family, wouldn’t you be ready to do whatever it took to get out of there with what you went there for? I mean, the whole movie Nick Cage is not cooperative with the villains and it takes a whole hour for someone to be seriously hurt. Wouldn’t you kind of want to speed up the process?

Also, no one was cool in this movie. Cage is a mess and is obviously a bad father, and the bad guys are at each others’ necks from the beginning! This movie is dumb but fun, kind of boring but enjoyable to watch.


I was really nervous about watching Trespass because it’s a home invasion movie and I’ve concluded that home invasion movies are at the top of the list of movies I don’t want to see. But then on the flip side, I only heard of how bad it was, so I hoped that the badness would trump any scariness. I’m so glad I decided to go for it, because Trespass is not the least bit scary and really is sooooooo bad.

I think what makes it particularly bad is how stupid everyone is. The family being held hostage, the people robbing their house – they’re all super stupid. And they’re all just sort of awful, too. The biggest thing that got me is that it’s “revealed” that the wife, Sarah (Nicole Kidman), slept with one of the robbers, Jonah (Cam Gigandet). We know this because of security cameras all through the house, which show Jonah, who used to work around the house, swimming in their pool and then kissing Sarah before they go off together. This is revealed a good amount after the couple has been taken hostage. But everyone is 100% first to believe Jonah, the armed robber, over Sarah, the woman getting robbed. Because, lo and behold, as it turns out, Jonah basically assaulted Sarah and she did not sleep with him. Well yeah! Did that not cross anyone’s minds, especially Kyle (Nicolas Cage), Sarah’s husband’s? That just seemed so insane to me.

So much of what the characters in this movie doesn’t make sense. Like when Sarah has a chance to escape by car, but stops. Or when Kyle is constantly bargaining with the robbers, even when they keep threatening Sarah. Or when one of the robbers goes into Sarah’s closet, strips down, and starts trying on Sarah’s clothes. Or how no one actually does anything to anyone for a long time. The list goes on and on. I hope in the end, Kyle and Sarah were able to sue their security company, who didn’t do shit the entire time their house was getting robbed.

This was definitely a movie that makes you think, right after watching it, “Why the hell did I just watch that?”

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