Over the Top is the tragic story of a young boy, kidnapped by his biological father that he’s never met. His father forces him into confrontations with older boys and allows him to be kidnapped by a second group of thugs. His mother is dying of cancer and eventually does die of cancer, but the boy never sees his mom again before he dies because of the aforementioned kidnapping. After his mother’s death, his Stockholm Syndrome takes over and his subsequently abused by his maternal grandfather and escapes him to go back to the father that kidnapped him.

HAHA! Yeah! That is what this movie is about! Except it’s supposed to be about a father and son reconnecting through the fine art of arm wrestling. Uhhhh?

But yeah, Sylvester Stallone plays Lincoln Hawk (or Hawks, it sort of changes sometimes), a truck driver/arm wrestler. He misses his son Mike (David Mendenhall)’s graduation from military school, but comes to pick him up for a road trip. Mike has never met Lincoln. He doesn’t even know what Lincoln looks like. No one, not Lincoln or Mike’s school, will let Mike contact his mother or grandfather to find out what’s going on. Mike asks for Lincoln’s identification, and his principle (or whatever it is in military school) scolds him for it. Mike has seemingly no choice but to go with this giant man he’s never met on a trip in his 18-wheeler.

Sometimes they bond, sometimes they don’t. I thought Mike was pretty annoying, but it didn’t matter because I felt so bad for him. At one point he tries to escape Lincoln by jumping out of the truck and running across the highway. Lincoln runs after him, tearing Mike’s sleeve off in the process, and practically drags him back to the truck. Is no one seeing this concerned at all? This kid is obviously trying to escape a kidnapper! And no one will help him, because his life sucks.

Apparently Lincoln and Mike’s mother are still married, but haven’t seen each other in 10 years. And Lincoln has consistently written Mike letters, but the mother hid them from Mike for reasons we never know about because . . . the mother just up and dies in the middle of the movie. And Mike misses it because he’s been kidnapped by this stranger. He just never sees his mom again. This causes a weird custody battle between Lincoln and Mike’s grandfather, even though he clearly should go with the grandfather, since he practically raised him and he only just met Lincoln. It’s also implied that Lincoln is homeless, living just out of his truck? Doesn’t seem like a great environment to raise a kid.

Eventually some other stupid stuff happens, like Mike getting kidnapped by some guys after Lincoln and Lincoln crashing his truck through the gates of Mike’s house trying to get to him. It all leads up to the world arm wrestling championships, which we get to sit through for at least the last 30 minutes or so. Lincoln wins the championship, which gives him a new 18 wheeler (weird prize choice) and $100,000. And when the movie ends, he and Mike, who is obviously so beyond traumatized he can’t even function normally anymore, drive off into the sunset together.

What??? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????? This movie is really sad because it’s all about this poor child (who sort of looks like a lesbian?) getting abused and neglected in various ways. It’s great. I love this movie because it is so insane and makes no sense. Poor kid.


This movie is not at all what I thought it was going to be about! There is not a lot of arm wrestling in it, and most of the movie is about a father trying to connect with his son, whom he kind of kidnaps? This movie should be boring but it’s far too weird not to enjoy most of it. This is easily one of the craziest movies we have seen for this blog and I kind of feel like instead of explaining everything, cause there is a ton, you should really see this.

If you’re looking for an action movie, this is not it.

I also watched, by myself recently;

Dredd – This was a pretty fun movie to watch but I have no interest in thinking about it again. But I’m also not a big action movie person so I would be curious to know what other people think of this.

Snow Buddies – I don’t know what it is but these buddies have captured my heart. And this time they take it to Alaska. These movies are always very complicated, and never make sense. Always a good watch. I hope to see Air Buddies next.

Book of Kells – This movie is very beautiful but the story is kind of boring. That doesn’t really matter though because it’s less than 90 mins so it’s a very quick watch and worth it if you like animation.

WWJDII: The Woodcarver – I saw this a few weeks ago with my friend Ben and it was pretty insane. The best scene is when a 15 year old kid accidentally stabs John Ratzenberger in the leg and they never go to the hospital! A Jesus movie for the whole family. Oh, and the big message about this movie is, “if your parents get divorced, don’t worry, just pray about it and they will get back together.” A great lesson for kids!