HIGH NOON (1952)



Much to Chris’ dismay, I’m not a huge fan of Westerns, although when they’re good, they’re so good. And High Noon is so good.

I feel like Chris thinks a lot about “manly” movies and “manly” characters. I’ve always considered Atticus Finch to be the most manly character I’ve seen, but now Gary Cooper as Will Kane is definitely up there. He is such a badass. And I love the women in this movie, especially for a 1952 Western. Grace Kelly as Amy starts off as sort of the quintessential weak lady from the genre, but after a pep talk from Helen Ramirez (Katy Jurado), she also turns into a badass. I just love that scene, by the way. Helen basically tells Amy that if Will was her man, there would be no way she would be hiding; she’d get a gun and stand with him. When Amy asks why Helen doesn’t do that, then, she says “He’s not my man.” BAM!

One thing that I thought was so interesting was the incredible overwhelming fear the townspeople felt over the impending gang that was going to show up (which includes Lee Van Cleef, and I constantly felt conflicted over whether or not I thought he was really attractive here or really weird looking). I mean, the people in this town lose their goddamn minds. Helen breaks up with her boyfriend, sells her shop, and gets out of town. Amy, at first, leaves her new husband to get out of town. People are doing that all over the place. In my head they were a roving gang of serial killers, which was sort of weird. But, it doesn’t matter, if only because this shot of the gang is so awesome.

I meant to see High Noon a long time ago but never did because I thought it would be boring. Dumb mistake. High Noon is awesome.


Fuck this is a manly movie!! I have easily seen this movie more than 20 times and it never gets old. That being said, Elizabeth pointed out, easily the funniest moment in our movie watching together, about how crazy everyone is reacting to Frank Miller showing up in the town. I mean people are leaving, and people are quitting their jobs and it’s all because there are three, soon to be four, Psychotic Killers roaming the town! I guess I never really questioned how scary the bad guys were cause I know Gary Cooper was a good enough Marshal to defeat them? I’m not really sure, I just always hoped that if put in this situation, that’s exactly what I would do? I’m not sure but this movie is a classic for good reason in my mind and I hope to see it 20 more times.

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