So, Deck the Halls is about two totally insane men with wives and families who push each other deeper into madness . . . which is also a fun family Christmas movie?

Because seriously, Danny DeVito plays Buddy Hall, a car salesman who is obsessed with the idea of his house being seen from space. Apparently in this universe there’s a Google Earth type of thing, except it’s live. So Buddy takes this obsession on a Close Encounters of the Third Kind type of thing, not giving a shit about his family and doing whatever it takes to light his house up with so many lights it can be seen from space.

In the meantime, this disrupts the extreme obsessive compulsive behavior of his neighbor, Steve (Matthew Broderick), who is apparently the “Christmas guy” around town for reasons that I never quite got. Both Buddy and Steve just end up crazier and crazier while their families watch. Fun!

Also, I know Kristin Chenoweth is a famous Broadway person, but her speaking voice is nearly unbearable. Seriously. Probably the best part about this movie was that Alia Shawkat was in it, which was also one of the saddest parts because she’s awesome and this movie . . . is not.


This is just one of those films where they really had no idea what they were doing. It’s difficult to tell whose side you’re supposed to be on. I guess both? Everyone seems really mean to each other for no real reason. Can’t people just be blunt with each other sometimes? And characters only realize stuff to help the plot. Mathew Broderick can’t see cords running from his house to across the street until the last act?

Deck the Halls is a complete mess and maybe it’s because I now live in Texas where it never feels like Christmas but this movie never really made me feel like it was a Christmas movie. Which is weird ‘cause Christmas-y stuff is in every single shot. I guess I need more love and passion in my holiday movies. Or this movie is just bad.


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