My interest in seeing Frances Ha definitely would come and go. I wanted to see it when it first came out, then I didn’t really care, then I was interested that it became a Criterion, then I didn’t really care. Then it got nominated for a Golden Globe, so Chris and I finally watched it.

At first, I was not into it. It reminded me so much of annoying rich kids that I went to art school with, as well as the annoying rich kids I was surrounded by when I lived in New York for a summer.

But, this might sound crazy, but I feel like Greta Gerwig’s performance as Frances is somewhat similar to Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance in There Will Be Blood. In that I mean because they both start off as seeming like one kind of character, and then they slowly and quietly turn into a character that’s just straight up crazy. Frances Ha really surprised me in how good it was.


I definitely started this movie not liking it at all and really hating Frances. But as the story evolved it turns really good. And Frances is still annoying, but I found this movie to be extremely relatable. Many of the reasons I loved Spring Breakers seemed to be present in this film? I’m not even really sure what that is, I think they both just capture the generation I think I’m part of so well?

Frances is basically homeless and kind of just hangs out all the time. She dances but doesn’t really seem that into it. I think that was the biggest problem I had with it. if I did not have a job you better believe I would be making art all the time. Also, in many ways I think I’m jelous of the kind of life she has. But I think I would be miserable in her shoes. I guess I just wish I was at a point in my life where I don’t have to think about money all the time, and I wish I did have more free time to create, cause I don’t get that kind of opportunity at work.

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