I watched this movie a lot when I was a kid. To be fair, it was my sister’s VHS that she must have gotten some Christmas. This movie is beyond dumb. Mostly it’s just way too sad of a story to me. I really hate thinking of death and it used to freak me out even more when I was young.

This movie is pretty terrible but I really found it enjoyable to watch. It’s one of the crazier holiday movies. Now I just want to watch the horror movie of the same name.


So, Jack Frost is about a kid’s dad who dies and comes back to life as a snowman, which is supposed to be some kind of miracle. Uhhh whut?

Okay, so Michael Keaton literally plays Jack Frost, who is the lead singer of a band literally named “The Jack Frost Band.” They make him out as being this deadbeat dad, but I don’t buy it. He misses one of his son’s hockey games to record a song. It’s shitty that he didn’t tell anyone about needing to miss it, but that’s not that big of a deal. To make up for it, Jack promises his family that they’ll spend Christmas in their mountain home (so they’re rich, right?), but at the last minute gets called away because his band might get a record deal, which we’ve been led to believe is the #1 thing Jack has wanted for his career. The family freaks out. Obviously, this is bad timing. But is it that big of a deal? Am I biased because I don’t really care about Christmas? It just seems ridiculous that he’s supposed to throw away everything he’s worked for just because it’s December 25.

I guess because he’s such a terrible father, Jack dies in a car accident. A year later, his son, Charlie, plays a harmonica Jack gave him, which prompts Jack to come back to life . . . in the form of a snowman? So, he’s being damned, right? That’s the only thing that I can think of. What’s also weird is that when Jack comes back, he doesn’t seem to understand that he’s dead and reincarnated. But it’s a year after he died. So I guess time does stop when  you’re dead and all, but obviously in this universe things don’t stop as far as the soul is concerned, so I don’t understand why he didn’t know what was going on.

Ugh. Jack Frost is boring. And the animation of the snowman is suuuuper creepy. DUMB.

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