I had no idea how intense this movie was. It’s crazy and scary but I loved the whole thing. For whatever reason I thought this movie was about a drag queen? But I’m so glad I finally watched this cause I didn’t want it to stop. Faye Dunaway did a great job, I can imagine Joan Crawford being like an over-dramatic person who’s always acting even in front of her family.

Elizabeth just got Amazon Prime and this was one of the first movies we found to watch on it.


To be honest, I sort of don’t know how I feel about Mommie Dearest. I am glad that I read up about the book and movie after watching it, because that would have probably changed how I felt about the movie if I had read about it before.

I thought Mommie Dearest was really sad and intense. It’s always going to be hard to watch a movie that has child abuse, even if it’s minor, so seeing Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway) chop off her young daughter, Christina’s (Mara Hobel) hair as Christina sobs, or seeing Crawford strangle older Christina (Diana Scarwid) nearly to death was really difficult. Those scenes were also uncomfortably long, especially when Joan strangles Christina. It just never ends! Which makes it all the more intense.

Watching the movie alone, without other knowledge, is best, I think. I read about the movie afterwards and found out that Faye Dunaway won a Worst Actress Razzie award for this movie, which really confuses me. Do people think Faye Dunaway is bad in this? Did I miss something? Am I dumb? I thought she was really good . . . I mean, if you know how I feel about fucking Silver Linings Playbook then you know that I don’t think that yelling a lot is a substitute for an actor playing a crazy person. But despite that (and Dunaway definitely relied on yelling a lot), I thought she was really good and super creepy.

So, I liked Mommie Dearest, but I guess I’m nervous that it’s supposed to be this obviously bad movie that everyone hates. Not that that’s stopped me from liking a movie before.

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