As you may know, I’ve really always loved The 40-Year-Old Virgin. It’s one of those rare modern comedies that are all about sex without being totally terrible toward women. And The 40-Year-Old Virgin is endearing enough for me to look past things that I now know are unrealistic that I missed when I first saw it. Like that waxing scene: while I have no problem admitting that I’ve never gotten my chest waxed, with the waxing experience I do have, I’m prettyyyy sure that scene would never happen like that. And really, Andy (Steve Carell) being a virgin is sort of unrealistic in itself; I can’t imagine an attractive, kind, respectful, fully-functioning (mentally and physically) man like that just never having sex. There’s a flashback scene to Andy almost having sex, but when his partner starts sucking his toes he accidentally kicks her in the face and she ends the relationship. Would that really happen? If Chris accidentally kicked me in the face, I wouldn’t freak out so much that I would just walk out. But I guess I’m sure that kind of thing could happen.

But what really makes The 40-Year-Old Virgin great is its portrayal of so many different, positive relationships. Whether it’s between Andy and his friends, Andy and Trish (Catherine Keener), Trish and her daughter; they all seem so genuine. I just love it. Also, Catherine Keener is so gorgeous. I hope I can look like her when I’m in my 50s.


It was nice seeing this movie because I don’t think I’ve seen it since it came out on DVD. Also I really didn’t like This is 40 so seeing Judd Apatow be good was great!

Seeing this movie also reminded me so much how I felt when I watched it. I remember the fear of being a virgin way too well. By the time I finally had sex, I was far past ready for it. I always thought Steve Carell’s character was actually lucky cause he had gotten much farther than I had at the time.

The story is kind of hard to believe for me but it’s so funny. And unlike Silver Linings Playbook, I really enjoyed all the yelling in this film. It was weird seeing Jonah Hill in it and Elizabeth told me about Shelley Malil who stabbed his ex-girlfriend 23 times and is now in prison for life!!!!

This movie is worth watching again!

One thought on “THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN (2005)

  1. The virgin fear is something all men have in teenage years, and while it was hard to believe, the film made it something hilarious and fun to watch. Shocked to hear about the Shelley Malil part, that is crazy.

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