Eh, I had a good idea that Dorfman in Love would be pretty shitty based on nothing else except the title. Who or what is Dorfman? Why do we care that he/she/it is in love? The answer is 1.) It doesn’t matter and 2.) We don’t care.

So Sara Rue plays Deb Dorfman, and because she never goes by Dorfman, the title is rendered even more useless than originally thought. Deb works for her brother, Daniel (Jonathan Chase), and is in love with her co-worker/brother’s best friend, Jay (Johann Urb). Deb and Jay’s relationship is very confusing because they seem very close, Jay seems really into her, and even kisses her and at one point says he loves her, but he’s also supposed to be this unrequited love figure. Deb says she’s been in love with him for 10 years . . . and she’s an adult . . . is she just going to not try to get with this guy who likes her and whom she likes? Yep! But luckily, Jay asks Deb to cat sit, which apparently also means moving into his apartment.

I forget how Deb meets Cookie (Haaz Sleiman), which is for real the name of a main male character in this movie, but she does. She also meets two models who give her a makeover and make her look about 1000x worse. In the end, Deb realizes, after 10 years of being close to this person, that Jay is actually an asshole. And even though she chose Jay over Cookie, once she realizes Jay isn’t going to work out she (almost literally) runs back to Cookie and everything’s fine.

But the worst part about this movie was Daniel, Deb’s brother. He has a wife who is kind of annoying and Stepford Wife-y, but is nice and seems to be accepted into Daniel’s family without a problem. Then Daniel cheats on her with the two aforementioned models. Daniel then stops talking to his wife and continues to sleep with the models while she desperately looks for him. Daniel pretty much forces his entire family, who seem to genuinely like his wife, to lie to her about what he’s doing. In the end he crawls back to his wife, she takes him back, and everything is fine . . . except no one tells the wife that Daniel cheated, multiple times, and with two models. Is that really how this love story is going to let this subplot end? With this nice woman being the only one who doesn’t know her husband is a terrible person? I guess so!

Yeah, Dorfman in Love sucks. And its two main characters are Dorfman and Cookie. COME ON.


I loved watching this film!!! To start with, I love that the movie kind of implies that we should know what a Dorfman is? It’s nothing special, it’s just a sad lady. This movie is the classic story about a woman falling for the wrong guy when the right one is right in front of her. But the whole thing is so impossible to believe because the main lady is completely insane!

This movie is weird and the more movies Elizabeth and I watch I find that bad romantic movies are the most fun to watch. It’s so easy to tell when stuff makes no sense at all and the way people write peopleĀ falling inĀ love is generally pretty funny.

I would watch this again so I would definitely recommend seeing it!