NARC (2002)



I was afraid I would have a hard time following Narc, but it’s actually sort of too simple for its own good. It went from being kind of boring through most of the movie to being suuuuper anti-climatic at the end. Jason Patric and Ray Liotta are usually great, but Narc is nothing special. I also just found out from Wikipedia that Cliff Martinez did the music for Narc, but neither Chris or I can even remember the music, so not even that really makes it worth watching.

Also, Busta Rhymes is in it. The end.


This is a movie I was super into in middle school but watching it now, I have no idea what I was thinking. This movie is fine, but it’s just really boring. I feel like it’s been established that I like slow, quiet movies, but even though Narc has this, there isn’t much of a payoff. The story is just subpar and in terms of the best parts of Narc I would have to say was its brutality.

This movie also added to my love of Ray Liotta when I was a kid. It was this, Goodfellas, and Copland. This movie is now on Netflix but I can’t real recommend watching it . . . sadly.

3 thoughts on “NARC (2002)

  1. Good review. The movie really belongs to Liotta and Patric as they fully flesh-out some honest, raw and gritty guys that you may not want to spend anytime with, but will watch a movie about just to see how they interact with one another.

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