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College was definitely the place that I came to a realization that I cannot live my life without art being in it. The idea of going a week or even a day without creating some form of art sounds absolutely miserable to me. But I mention this because college was the first time I became super into art documentaries. I spent too many nights just watching them on Netflix and creating collages, paintings, comics, etc. It was so much fun. I got a bit away from that after school but the past few months I’ve been pretty into creating again, and watching stuff like Cutie and The Boxer is something that inspires me beyond words. It’s the kind of movie that gets me too excited to even sleep. This movie is a so good and it’s on Netflix. Please see it! And I really hope it wins Best Documentary.


I think Cutie and the Boxer is really what good documentaries are about. For me, personally, it took a subject I had no knowledge of (the art of the Shinoharas), taught me about it, and made me care about it. It was really great.

Cutie and the Boxer is really about an old couple of Japanese artists, who’ve had a pretty tumultuous, but long, relationship. Ushio Shinohara is a sculptor and painter, using boxing (by putting paint on boxing gloves) as a method of painting. Noriko Shinohara is a painter and illustrator, creating in the documentary what is essentially a semi-autobiographical comic about her life with Ushio. The movie culminates with them having a joint gallery opening, both showcasing their very different, but equally beautiful, work.

Cutie and the Boxer works because the subjects are so interesting and the filmmaker is totally removed from the final product, which I like. It’s really great. I also thought it was interesting that I think I was more drawn to Ushio’s work, while Chris was more drawn to Noriko’s. I hope this documentary makes their art more prominent, because it’s great.

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