It’s hard for me to think about when exactly my love for movies really took off. Definitely sometime in high school. But what I love the most has always been being excited for certain actors and directors to come out with new work. Philip Seymour Hoffman has always been that actor for me. It’s hard to know when I really started thinking about him as one of my favorites. I have very vivid memories of seeing Capote for the first time in theaters but he was always an actor that could not be better at what he did, to me. I will miss Philip Seymour Hoffman. I don’t think I know of too many other actors that I would feel the need to write something like this for.


What can I even say about Philip Seymour Hoffman that isn’t completely obvious? He was incredible, transcendent, an artist I admired and looked up to.

I’ve mentioned before how hard Heath Ledger’s death was for me. Not since then have I felt so upset, caught off-guard, and depressed over a famous person’s death, until yesterday. Chris and I hadn’t heard about it until we showed up at our friends’ house for a Super Bowl party, and they sort of casually mentioned he had died. Honestly, it did not occur to me that he could have actually died. I thought they had misspoke, were talking about a movie, or were kidding. Or something. A few seconds later, when it was clear he had died, I couldn’t believe it, didn’t want to believe it.

We’ve specifically mentioned Philip Seymour Hoffman on the blog enough for it to be obvious that both Chris and I really adored his work. Out of his 53 feature film credits, I’ve seen 23, which is a percentage I don’t think I can say for many actors because he was one of the few people that I could always say “I’ll see anything they’re in.”

This is still something that’s a lot for me to take in. Philip Seymour Hoffman went from being one of the greatest working American actors to an American film legend yesterday, and I really wish that wasn’t the case.

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