Well, Mortal Kombat was not good. I’ve played the game before, enough to recognize some of the characters, but not enough to recognize anything about the plot.

There are a lot of characters in the video game, but that’s so there’s more options for people when choosing a character. I’m not sure the same amount of characters really works for a movie. Everyone was at this fight-to-the-death-sometimes-but-sometimes-just-regular-fight tournament for different reasons, with different bad guys that they all wanted to fight. It was just sort of hard to keep track of.

There’s also The Highlander in a rice patty hat. Very Lone Ranger.


Could a movie be more cool?!?!? Well yea, this movie is terrible, but as a kid I remember thinking that is was the best of the best in terms of movies. But thinking about it, I think I watched the second movie more. Mortal Kombat was never a game I ever owned but it was something I would always play at friends’ houses. I remember always wanting to be Johnny Cage cause I thought the ball punching move was one of the coolest things I had ever seen both on screen and in the game. But doing that move in the game required way too many buttons and would never really work, unless the other person was just standing still.

This movie is bad but I have good memories associated with it. I can only assume Elizabeth’s post is talking about how terrible it is but I’m glad she’s seen it so we can reference it. I might make the Mortal Kombat music her ringtone.