ON THE LINE (2001)



I knew On the Line was going to be bad because I remember when it came out and I had zero interest in seeing it then, even though it came out in 2001 at a time when I was prettyyyyyyyyyy obsessed with *NSync. If you don’t already know, On the Line stars Lance Bass and co-stars Joey Fatone, two members of *NSync. And I really loved Lance Bass. And despite all that, when it came out, I did not want to see it. Was I smarter as a 13 year old than I am now? Hmmm . . .

But I will say, On the Line was sort of great to watch because it’s so pathetically terrible. Sammy Sosa is also in it, as himself, which is bizarre (granted he only has one line, but still). The characters are borderline retarded, there is no chemistry between anyone (except maybe Lance and Joey), the characters are mean . . . it’s just weird.

I do think this is worth watching though, because it’s such a weird time capsule of 2001. It’s sort of bizarre.


I had no idea this movie ever existed. If I had known there was kind of an NSync movie, I would of wanted to watch it far before now, probably the same weekend Elizabeth and I watched Spice World.

This movie is super dumb. It’s hard to not notice the main characters’ lack of chemistry with the love interest. It’s hard to ignore Joey being a moron and farting all over the place. It’s hard to remember most of this movie actually.

On The Line was mostly boring but I think it’s worth checking out. If nothing else you can listen to a How Did This Get Made episode after!

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