2006 Failure To Launch 030


I thought this movie was way too much fun to watch. It’s so crazy, maybe not as crazy as Holiday in Handcuffs, but this movie is about a thirty something year old who will not move out of his parents’ house and his three friends who are the same way? Where is this land of crazy older single males? Also having SJP as the main female is always a rough choice but she’s always so awful it makes her scenes fun to watch.

This movie is crazy, on Netflix, and should be the movie you watch this coming Friday!


Here’s the funniest part of Failure to Launch: it includes two Oscar winners and one Oscar nominee! Which is funny, because Failure to Launch is a total nightmare of a movie.

First of all, I’m from New Orleans and Failure to Launch‘s Wikipedia page says that the story takes place in New Orleans but I completely missed that. The only thing that stood out as being New Orleans is a scene that takes place at Zephyr Field, which I just thought was weird. But there’s also a scene in which Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) and his friends Ace (Justin Bartha) and Demo (Bradley Cooper), which are the characters’ names for real, go surfing. Sooo a lot of weirdness with the location here.

Anyway, Failure to Launch is about Tripp, who is 35 and still lives with his parents, Al (Terry Bradshaw) and Sue (Kathy Bates). Ace and Demo still live with their parents, too, and they seem to have some weird club based around it, except just with the 3 of them. Al and Sue find out about Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker), who has made a profession out of being hired by parents to date sons who still live at home, build up their confidence enough to move out . . . and then dump them? Sounds sort of prostitute-like to me, although Paula insists she doesn’t sleep with her clients, but at the very least is definitely con artist-like.

Naturally, Paula and Tripp sleep together and fall in love. Ace finds out about Paula’s job and blackmails her into setting him up with Paula’s roommate, Kit (Zooey Deschanel), whose sole purpose in this movie is to be sarcastic. Demo also finds out about Paula’s job and tells Paula that the reason Tripp still lives at home is because he had a fiance who died. Paula is SHOCKED because this was NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. Uh, what? I guess it’s weird Tripp’s parents didn’t mention to Paula that Tripp had some trauma issues, but why Tripp still lives at home has nothing to do with the fact that Paula was still hired by his parents to date him and convince him to move out. But Paula makes it seem like she was deceived for not knowing about the dead fiance. Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Does no one care that Paula still tricked Tripp into falling in love with her? Ha ha, nope! Well, except Tripp, but that doesn’t last very long.

In the end, everyone is happy and together and living on their own. Failure to Launch does a good job at showing the stereotypes of men being giant babies and women being meddlesome and emotional. One can only hope to have a relationship based on as much deceit as the one in Failure to Launch. Yay!


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