The Carter was definitely really interesting to watch. I went in knowing ehhhhhh little to nothing about Lil Wayne. I didn’t even know he was from New Orleans, which is where I’m from, if that tells you anything.

But yeah, I think Lil Wayne might be sort of crazy. Which is perfect for a documentary. It’s just so crazy to see what’s in a normal day for someone as famous as he is. Sometimes he seemed like he was a caricature of himself, and other times he was surprisingly insightful. It was also just sort of crazing hearing about all these New Orleans connections that I didn’t know about, like how he went to McMain for middle school. That’s crazy! Or that he was in the group that had the song “I Need A Hot Girl” which I definitely remember from around middle school, but I guess was more local to New Orleans. It’s just interesting.

I didn’t really enjoy the long parts of him just rapping; his actual stage performances were interesting to see but I just didn’t care for the rapping. Probably because I don’t like Lil Wayne, though, so I’m not a great authority on it. The Carter is definitely worth watching. Lil Wayne is someone that is sort of untouchable to me, in that I don’t like his music and I didn’t know anything about him, but he’s suuuuper famous. So if you’ve ever been curious as to what Lil Wayne is all about, The Carter might be a good place to start.


I love this documentary. Lil’ Wayne is so crazy and so interesting I love just watching him be for an hour and a half. I remember watching this in college and needing to be somewhere and people being mad that we were late but them ending up watching it because of how weird it can be. One of the things I love most about the film is that it shows, at least at that part of his life, how he isn’t surrounded by naked women 24/7 as his lyrics and music videos indicate. He’s a complete workaholic, it’s crazy. All he does is drink, rap and watch ESPN.

If you are at all interested in Lil Wayne watch this! But if you think he’s this great guy or something don’t because I can’t say you’ll leave the movie thinking the same.

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