This is our 300th post! We didn’t do anything special for it caauuuuse we’ve been busy and it came up pretty quick. But it’s been fun!


Election is just one of those movies that really does have a special place in my heart. I saw it pretty young, around the time when it came out, when I was probably around 13. And I have to say, even though I had seen it more than once, it was really great seeing it now as an adult.

What’s really impressive about Election is how realistic the adult worlds and the teenager worlds are. Alexander Payne is able to show us how for the teenagers, everything is super important but also totally meaningless (like high school student government). He’s able to do basically the same thing with the adults, just in a slightly different way. And the way the two groups interact are great: the adults think the teenagers are stupid and overdramatic; the teenagers think the adults are weird and sad. It’s just so funny. The teenagers are all concerned about following rules (since it mostly takes place at a school) while the adults know that high school rules aren’t really real and can get frustrated with having to stick to them. Which is pretty close to real life, I think.

I wish Reese Witherspoon would do more like this. Walk the Line was great, but her performances don’t really get much better than this.


I remember seeing the very ending of this film multiple times on TV. I think Comedy Central used to play it often. But I never actually watched the whole thing. After seeing Nebraska, maybe my favorite film of last year, I knew I had to finally see this.  It’s fucking incredible! It’s so funny and watching it as an adult, after being a substitute teacher for a while, it makes me appreciate the relationship between the kids and the adults so much more. All the kids in this film do such a good job of making everything revolving around school and the election to be important, where when adults are faced with the same situations, obviously don’t really care, or at least know that most of the rules are just there to be there. It’s not really important. I love that so much because it’s so true.

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