Recently, my mom was in town and she watched a few movies with Chris and me. Here’s what she had to say! – Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s Mom

I love a good Jason Statham kick-ass movie!  Sadly, Homefront was just barely a watchable one.  The improbabilities were pretty overwhelming for me.  For instance, there is no way in hell the DEA would give him boxes of their records on the drug bust where he was undercover, including conveniently, HIS file with undercover name and photo!  Even if they did would he be so stupid to leave them in cardboard boxes UNDER his house, exposed to the elements (this is Louisiana, people!) for any Tom, Dick or James Franco to find?!  That pretty much did it for me, I have to say.  I can only suspend belief just so far.


This movie was not good and what surprised me the most about it is that it was written by Sylvester Stallone. I know he’s not the best writer but he did write Rocky and Homefront is no Rocky. The best part of this movie is probably James Franco, he’s also a big reason I was interested in watching this movie in the first place. He’s so crazy but obviously loves being an actor and constantly tries out new roles and mediums, it’s great to watch. But there is this one scene in the film where Franco’s character is annoyed at his partner for bringing a kid to their hide out, it made the whole movie worth it. James Franco is so blown away that they would be so stupid, you kind of forget he’s acting, it felt very real and very funny.

This movie is not good, mostly because of the acting and the fact that no one talks anything out. Skip it and watch The Transporter instead!


Oh boy. I’m not the same kind of Jason Statham expert as my mom is, but this was bad, even for one of his (I’m assuming). First of all, I would like to break down the poster here for a moment:


So here we have our protagonist, Phil Broker (Jason Statham), with a flowing American flag superimposed on his denim jacket, protecting his wide-eyed daughter, Maddy (Izabela Vidovic). Below them (in hell?) is our antagonist, Gator (James Franco), in what appears to be some kind of inferno (again, hell?). Everyone’s looking at something menacing to their left for some reason. But doesn’t this, with the American flag and the title of Homefront appear to be some kind of terrorist-based plot? “How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Home?” could easily mean the United States. From this, I honestly expected Statham to play some kind of secret agent and Franco to play a foreign terrorist.

Haha, nope! That plot would not have guaranteed intelligence, but it would have given it a little something more to go on. Here’s what happens instead: Broker, a few years before the story begins, worked as an undercover drug cop in New Orleans. The NOPD gets a less-than-sterling portrayal as they orchestrate a drug bust where Statham is working, yelling “HE’S UNDERCOVER! HE’S ONE OF OUR GUYS!” as Statham comes out with his hands up. I’m not a cop and I don’t know any cops. But should they really be outing an undercover officer, while he’s still undercover? Pretty sure not. The drug bust leads to the cops shooting up the son of one of the drug dealers, killing the son and putting the drug dealer in prison.

Flash forward a few years and Broker and Maddy have moved to some shit town in what I assume is Louisiana, where everyone is absolutely terrible. Broker’s friend, Teedo (Omar Benson Miller) warns him of the townspeople; they don’t like Broker and Maddy because they’re new, so they attack them, break into their house, etc. And they don’t leave. Uh, what? They move their because it’s where Broker’s dead wife is from. But was it her dying wish for them to live there? Given how backwoods and shitty it is, I’m guessing probably not. But they live there anyway because of plot.

Eventually, Gator and his girlfriend Sheryl (Winona Ryder) catch wind that Broker is the undercover cop from before, because I guess they know the guy who got killed. HAHA, OH WAIT NO! They didn’t catch wind of it! Nope! Gator instead broke into Broker’s house, got in his basement (fake non-underground Louisiana basement at least), found a bunch of boxes of files, and pulled out Broker’s “Undercover Officer” file that literally spells everything out about who he is and what he did. I’m soooo glad the NOPD, or FBI, or whomever let Broker take those records home, because otherwise a bad guy would never be able to find it!

I have to say though, the entire movie almost got redeemed by one scene for me. Eventually, Sheryl kidnaps Maddy and brings her to Gator’s boat repair shop/meth shop. Sheryl thinks this is what she’s supposed to do, but Gator FLIPS THE FUCK OUT. He looks at her like she is completely insane and completely idiotic for bringing Maddy there. It was really unexpected and really funny.

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