I loved Miss Congeniality when it first came out. Because I was around 12 years old when that happened, I was half expecting to hate it now as an adult. But I have to say . . . I still kind of just love it.

Granted, there are things I don’t like about it. Like how Gracie (Sandra Bullock) is supposed to be repulsive before her makeover. That being said though, I have to give Miss Congeniality credit for two things on that: A.) Gracie does not get a makeover to attract men or to try and feel better about herself. It’s solely because she’s going undercover at a beauty pageant. B.) They did a good job of making Sandra Bullock realistically frumpy: she’s not a character who wears glasses and then takes them off and then is suddenly gorgeous. She has frizzy hair, but it’s not insane; she doesn’t have kept eyebrows but they’re also not in a comically unrealistic unibrow; she doesn’t wear frilly clothes because she just works all the time. So it was nice to see a makeover in a movie that I could really enjoy and get behind. Plus, Michael Caine as Gracie’s pageant coach is prettyyyyyy amazing.

I will say that I could have done without the romantic subplot between Gracie and Eric (Benjamin Bratt), mostly because Eric was a jerk. But at the same time, there’s just no way a 2000 comedy starring Sandra Bullock was going to not have a love interest, so I give them a pass on that.

I sort of feel like everyone has seen this movie a million times because it comes on TV so often. But it’s worth another go!


This is another film that I have seen parts of through being played on TV so often; I think TBS plays it the most. It’s actually pretty funny at some parts but overall this movie is not good. The jokes are generic. The acting is subpar. But I’m sure everyone is super rich off it so I guess it doesn’t really matter. People are still going to watch it. I’m glad Sandra Bullock had the opportunity to do Gravity and show everyone that she really can still act. I might not have liked this, that’s not to say we aren’t going to watch Miss Congeniality 2 soon, but I’m excited what she’s going to star in next!


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