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I remember seeing this as a kid and always just thinking it was the definition of a chick flick. Seeing it as an adult it seems far more bizarre than I remember. The whole idea of this happening does not seem romantic to me. I don’t think I would be into Julia Roberts’ character and whenever I think about this movie I think of a scene on The Bachelor where they go on a “Pretty Woman” date? It does not work out and I have never seen two people stop pretending to be into each other and immediately lose any kind of chemistry. If you can find that episode check it out!


Pretty Woman is weird. I don’t remember when the last time I saw it was, but it was definitely not when I was an adult. There are just too many things that would have stuck out to me if I had seen it more recently.

I know that this movie is 24 years old, but it still seems sort of weird that adults made this movie for adults. It would make more sense to me if middle schoolers made it, or adults made it for high school girls or something. The bottom line being that this is so absurdly unrealistic and that should be pretty clear to most functioning American adults.

The basic plot is that Edward (Richard Gere) picks up Vivian (Julia Roberts), a prostitute, at first for the night and then for the week. He offers her $3,000 for the week, which, inflation aside, is way less than Vivian’s hourly price (which would have put her closer to $20,000 after a week), but it’s okay because I guess Edward is handsome and Vivian is naive? Even though she’s a prostitute in Los Angeles?

So, as you might have guessed, Edward is a powerful businessman who has little time for non-business things. That’s where Vivian comes in, because she shows him how to live! He buys her stuff, she shows him how to have fun. They fall in love, and then George from Seinfeld tries to rape Vivian for changing Edward’s ways. You know, the usual. And it all ends with the classic scene of Edward going to Vivian’s apartment in a limo with roses, sweeping her off her feet.

It’s just weird. I don’t think Pretty Woman is bad, per se. It just kind of only makes sense if you assume it’s a fantasy not based on reality as we know it, which the movie gives no indication of being the case. I also find the fantasy of a rich man that you don’t know buying you a bunch of shit to be very disturbing and completely unappealing. I know she’s already a prostitute, but wouldn’t Vivian think that it kind of sucks that she has to have sex with this guy in order to get all this free stuff she wants? Maybe it’s just my personality, but that seems very un-fun.

I guess I don’t even know where I stand with Pretty Woman. It’s worth seeing because it’s famous, and it has its cute moments, and Julia Roberts is gorgeous in it. But overall . . . eh.


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