Recently, my mom was in town and she watched a few movies with Chris and me. Here’s what she had to say! – Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s Mom

I enjoyed watching Rush.  I vaguely remember when all of this happened.  The film was so detailed and Elizabeth verified this when she found film of the actual crash.  Ron Howard evidently reproduced it item by item.  I thought it was a good story of two strong men with such different attitudes about racing.  A very interesting study of them both.


I really liked this movie. It wasn’t the greatest movie ever or anything, but it was certainly interesting and enjoyable. And I sort of hate race car driving, so I think that’s a pretty good compliment. What was interesting to me in Rush was not so much the driving, which I really couldn’t care less about, but more about the two drivers’ approach to it. It follows Briton James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Austrian Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl); Hunt is a playboy who is more reckless and obviously races car for the pleasure of it, while Lauda is very meticulous and seems to mostly race cars just because he understands it more than for enjoyment. I really identified with Lauda on that, and as I’ve gotten older I really enjoy movies that show different jobs and workplaces, because everyone deals with the same kind of shit, no matter what. I’m sure a lot of people could identify with Hunt and Lauda both. At first, Hunt’s approach is sort of presented to us in a way that makes it seem less than Lauda’s. But in the end, as Lauda explains, it’s just different: Lauda drives to win, but Hunt also drives to win and when he does, that’s all he needs. His career more or less doesn’t move forward after he wins the big championship thing (whatever that’s called), which obviously appalls Lauda at first until he realizes it’s just what Hunt wants to do. I don’t know, it’s sort of sweet.

Watch out for Daniel Brühl’s crazy fake teeth here. Not crazy in that they’re really bad or obvious; in fact, when we first started watching it, I couldn’t figure out why the usually-attractive Brühl looked so bad. The teeth definitely change the way his lower face is shaped, but it also genuinely makes him look more like Nikki Lauda. After seeing pictures and videos of the actual people and events afterward, the whole makeup department in general was really impressive with everything they showed and its accuracy.

Also, if you’re like me, you may think this is a Disney movie, or at least a family movie. But there’s sex. With boobs and Thor’s butt. So, you know, just something to be aware of when you’re watching this with your mom.


This movie was fine and interesting.

I think that’s as high a compliment I have ever given to a Ron Howard movie and I think that’s why I’ve never really been a fan. He just makes fine moves or terrible movies, there has never been a moment in a Howard film that made me want to go out and do art myself and that is the reason I can never really enjoy his work.

Rush was interesting and fine, but it is just a period piece based around real people. The story is interesting but nothing more to me.

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