There was definitely a lot in this movie that I do not think worked but overall I really enjoyed watching this. I hear it’s very similar to Kids, something I know I need to see but have yet to, minus all the sex, so I think I wanted the one I was more interested in anyway. The story follows a group of kids during the course of a summer where some pretty awful stuff happens. I think the characters in this film are really what make it. That being said, all the adult characters are really worthless in this film. After the movie Elizabeth mentioned this and it made me think of the adults as part of the scenery. The whole movie is shot in abandoned warehouses and buildings. Maybe the emptiness of the building had to do with the lack of development of the adult characters.

I would totally watch this movie again but I’m more interested in watching other David Gordon Green films.


The biggest thing I took away from George Washington was not so much what the movie was about, but how it felt to me. The cinematography really is beautiful; it sort of reminded me of Badlands or even Nebraska. I didn’t exactly identify with the kids in the movie in that we had similar childhoods, but I did identify with the feeling they had: just how hot the summer is and how boring it can be when you’re a kid.

To me the two weakest elements were the narration and the adult characters. There’s narration throughout, but I honestly found it sort of hard to tell who was talking (I’m pretty sure it was Nasia, one of the main girls) because boys and girls at that age tend to have similar-sounding voices. And there were adult characters, but they were never developed and never really had plotlines, they mostly just had scenes, which in turn felt out of place and slow.

George Washington is good, especially for a directorial debut. But it’s also pretty tragic and a little strange, but beautiful enough that anyone should really see it.


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