When I was younger, I sort of had a weird obsession with wanting to see horror movies. I was a pretty scared child (I grew up in New Orleans), so I don’t really know what this was about except maybe it was comforting to see bad things happen to fake people. I was 9 when I Know What You Did Last Summer came out, so I was obviously out of the running for seeing it in theaters. I was so desperate to see it, though, that I read the book. It was . . . not good.

Years later, I finally saw it and its sequel. I was probably in about 8th or 9th grade when I first saw this. The biggest thing I took away from it was not feeling scared because the majority of the characters were stupid and did stupid things that no real person would do, or at least I wouldn’t do. The biggest thing I had a problem with stuck out to me this time, too. So, okay we have Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt), a year or so after her friends got murdered in the first movie. Now she’s in college and has replaced her former best friend of Sarah Michelle Gellar with BRANDY. One morning, Brandy randomly gets a call from a radio station, telling her that she’s live on air and if she can correctly guess the capital of Brazil, she’ll win a trip for 4 to The Bahamas. Julie grabs a bag of coffee, sees that it was made in Rio, and that’s what Brandy guesses. They tell her she’s correct, they go on the trip, and more murder happens while they’re there. So, here’s my problem: why did no one, especially Julie (who has since become pretty paranoid from the first movie), question the fact that a radio station called them? In what world does a radio station hold a contest in which they just call a random person and offer them a trip? It’s later made clear to Julie and Brandy that it was a set-up, since Rio is in fact not the capital of Brazil. But no one ever brings up the fact that they should have caught onto it whether they knew the capital or not. Stupid.

So, this one wasn’t as scary. I have to say, though, Jack Black is in this as some weird island stoner, and his murder is kinda scary, mostly because he’s not actually doing anything and the killer sort of tortures him first. That was a bummer.


For most of my life I stayed away from horror films because they just scared me way too much. Because of this I missed the boat on so many well-known films. I know ISKWYDLS is not great but it’s parodied enough times for me see every twist in this film far before it happened. We did watch this without watching the first one but I already knew what it was about, Elizabeth had seen it already, ISKWYDLS was the only one on Hulu and we just read the Wikipedia page for the first one. This movie is not very scary. I think what I took away the most was just being able to say I have seen it but I am looking forward to watching to first one at some point. I hope that one is a little more intense.

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